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Security and Reference Master

Managing security and reference data is essential but complicated and time-consuming, especially as data volumes rise. This is why asset managers turn to software from Indus Valley Partners.
Unlike conventional applications, IVP Security and Reference Master features a configurable core and intuitive data modeling that help asset managers handle these tasks more efficiently and reduce turnaround time for complex, non-standard asset classes. All of which reduces operational risk.

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IVP Security and Reference Master

Automate data collection, consolidation, cleansing, and distribution for security master data, entity data, and reference data.

Eliminate Redundant Steps

Make trusted security master data and reference master data available to all teams.

Streamline Management

Automate workflows for security master data, reference data management, and creating a golden copy of data.


Improve Speed

Rapid setup and onboarding for new asset classes, entities, and counterparties.

Heighten Accuracy

Improve reference data quality by avoiding manual data management processes that can lead to errors and inconsistencies.

React Faster

Get notified before missing reference data or new securities affect downstream systems.

Strengthen Security

Use built-in, configurable permissions to control which users can access which data sets.

What’s Possible with Security and Reference Master

Data Creation & Modification

Data Source Prioritization

Data Governance

Data Distribution

Data Normalization & Validation

Key features Of

Security and Reference Master

Seamless Integration

Integrate with any upstream data provider or downstream accounting, order management, or reporting systems using configurable interfaces and standardized adapters.

Complete Asset Class Coverage

Model any security or entity on the fly with a configurable data model.

Built-in Audit Trail

Audit trail and time series reference data management help keep track of changes, including the ability to perform backdated changes.

Data Governance Toolbox

Advanced workflow management, exception management, and data validation rules help ensure exceptional data quality.


Corporate Actions Support

Create, update, and store corporate actions data from the provider of your choice.

Real-Time Data Authoring

Ensure timely processing with real-time security or entity instantiation from a preferred data vendor.

Entity Data Management

Use our flexible and extendible data model and robust workflow capabilities to master legal entities and counterparty relationships.

Golden Copy Creation

Maintain a golden copy of data, a single authoritative source of accurate security master data and reference data for applications across the enterprise.


Ensure A Single Source of Truth

IVP Security and Reference Master provides a robust data model, pre-built connectors, vendor arbitration capabilities, and a strong data governance layer.


Ensure A Single Source of Truth
By The Numbers

4.2 $TN+

AUM managed using
IVP technology

1.6 $TN+

AUM reported through Regulatory Reporting Platform


Strategy & Bespoke
projects delivered


Fund managers using
IVP Solutions


Fund managers using IVP “Digital-First” Managed Services


Global Hedge fund AUM running through IVP products

Data Management as a Service

Data Management as a Service

IVP Data Management Services leverage our Master Data Management suite, a comprehensive framework for managing data on the buy-side. This suite includes IVP Security and Reference Master for data acquisition, IVP Enterprise Data Management for data workflow, IVP Data Warehouse for operational data storage, and IVP Decision Science for analytics.

Customer Use Cases

Alternative Asset Managers

Easily model complex and exotic instruments

Traditional Asset Managers

Automate master data management with extensive data governance tools

Insurance Companies

Store risk and regulatory information for downstream transmission

Delivering Specialized Solutions Across Industry

Enterprise Data Management

A next-generation, cloud-ready master data management platform that processes, transforms, governs, catalogs, and delivers data to and from any destination.

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Data Warehouse

Our cloud data warehouse solution makes it easy to collate, cleanse, enrich, and manage enterprise data from internal systems, fund admins, brokers, and third-party systems for performance reporting, analytics, and more.

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Decision Science

This portfolio analytics platform delivers impactful visualizations that help generate insights into P&L attribution, investment risk, and performance, creating front-office narratives backed by verifiable detail.

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ESG Management

An ESG platform that helps asset managers implement an ESG framework, perform ESG data management, align with global mandates, and streamline disclosures.

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IVP SRM centralizes storage and management of mission-critical security and reference data


Data Management complexities in the Private Credit



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