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Data Warehouse

Data warehousing is one of the most vital and complex issues for asset managers because it requires the compilation of internal, external, time-sensitive, structured, and unstructured data sets. Indus Valley Partners helps funds use data warehousing more effectively for analytics, reporting, predictive insights, strategic decision-making, pre-trade compliance, and other mission-critical tasks.

The IVP Data Warehouse makes it easy for asset managers to collate, cleanse, enrich, and manage enterprise data from internal systems, fund administrators, brokers, counterparties, and third-party systems. As our flagship cloud data warehouse solution, it is designed to rapidly support emerging data analysis and reporting requirements, including performance reporting and compliance reporting.

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A Dynamic, All-Encompassing Solution

Strategy Aware

Get out-of-the-box support for a wide spectrum of strategies through ad-hoc dashboards, and maintain control and flexibility with strategy-aware pre-built libraries for long-short, multi-strat, macro and credit, distressed debt, and CLO funds. Experience a data warehouse software that’s acutely aware of your strategy and works in tandem with it.

Comprehensive Reporting

Implement ad hoc dashboarding with Power BI dashboards and generate end-of-day reports, multifunctional grid-based reports and Excel reports to leverage P&L, exposure, performance, risk, compliance, investor relations, and more. Options include performance reporting, risk reporting, GIPS reporting, and compliance reporting.

Conversational Interface

Together, the enterprise search and chatbot functions simplify the user experience, allowing the use of natural language for navigating enterprise-wide data sets in a cloud data warehouse solution. Search in simple language for IRRs and hedge fund compliance queries, or allow the engine to prompt you with predictive suggestions. With IVP’s data warehouse solution, finding data, reports and relevant dashboards is faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.

Advanced Performance Tracking

Automatically project future accruals without maintaining multiple spreadsheets. Process and curate cash flows at the security level along with probability-based modeling. Track cash flow projections across various dates. The solution supports dynamic IRRs, modified Dietz, and multi-duration, time-weighted returns.

Streamline Investor Reporting

Avoid the tedious task of creating investor reports manually and securing approvals. Our cloud data warehouse software automates report generation with built-in support for multi-level section review and approval. Simply define report structures with commentary and map data sources to each section.

Intelligent Analytics

Manage complexity with enhanced capabilities such as cash ladders analytics at the legal entity level, ex-post and ex-ante analytics with batting averages, Sortino, Sharpe, sentiment analysis, active alerting, spread sensitivity attribution analytics across the duration, term structure, coupon, and ratings, as well as effective yield, yield to worse, annualized yield analytics, and more.

What’s Possible with Data Warehouse

Ad Hoc Reporting

Custom Calculated Fields

Easy Data Extraction

Enhanced Ex-Post Analytics

Bi-temporal Reporting

Ad Hoc Performance

Dashboarding & Data Visualization

Report Generation & Distribution

Pre-trade Compliance

GIPS Reporting

Performance Reporting

Risk Reporting

Compliance Reporting

A Comprehensive, Intuitive Solution

A Comprehensive, Intuitive Solution

Data is processed and consumed at multiple touchpoints, which can lead to dataset duplication and quality issues. However, implementing a robust master data management data warehouse software will enable funds to mitigate these challenges while simultaneously providing efficiencies and tangible insights.

With the sheer volume available today, most hedge funds and private equity firms consume data from a variety of sources such as market data providers, counterparties, fund admins and accounting systems. A robust operational data store enabled by cloud data warehouse software enables consolidation and enrichment of that data.

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Finding The Right Solutions

IVP’s offering has the breadth found at the largest global, multi-line technology providers combined with the specialized knowledge, innovation, and service found at leading boutiques.

Asset Management
CLO Managers
Credit Managers
Family Offices
Fund of Funds
Infrastructure Funds
Long Biased Funds
Long Short Funds
Private Debt Managers
Private Equity
Real Estate Funds
Special Situations
Customer Use Cases

Traditional Asset Managers

Automate master data management with an arsenal of data governance tools

CLO Managers

Compliance checks and support for waterfall reporting

Hedge Funds

Integrate, process, and govern data across fund administration, portfolio accounting, and risk systems

Data Management as a Service

Data Management as a Service

IVP Data Management Services leverage our Master Data Management suite, a comprehensive framework for managing data on the buy-side. This suite includes IVP Security and Reference Master for data acquisition, IVP Enterprise Data Management for data workflow, IVP Data Warehouse for operational data storage, and IVP Decision Science for analytics.

Delivering Specialized Solutions Across Industry

Enterprise Data Management

A next-generation, cloud-ready master data management platform that processes, transforms, governs, catalogs, and delivers data to and from any destination.

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Security and Reference Master

A reference data management solution with a highly configurable core and intuitive data modeling that combine to create an accurate reference master more efficiently.

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Decision Science

This portfolio analytics platform delivers impactful visualizations that help generate insights into P&L attribution, investment risk, and performance, creating front-office narratives backed by verifiable detail.

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IVP for Master Data Management

IVP MDM integrates seamlessly, enabling firms to improve data quality and use it easily, efficiently, and economically across the enterprise.

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Making the Switch to a Cloud Data Warehouse

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Data Warehouse helps firms achieve Data Maturity


Data Warehouse helps firms achieve Data Maturity



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