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Pricing and Valuation Automation Solution

To prove alpha, funds need to calculate the price of every position in the portfolio. Pricing and valuation processing involves a great deal of time-consuming work, from data collection to rules application to pricing tests, making pricing automation a priority for funds. Indus Valley Partners provides an end-to-end pricing and valuation solution that streamlines calculation and facilitates pricing automation for funds.

The Pricing and Valuation Automation Solution from IVP efficiently retrieves data from vendors and brokers, applies waterfall pricing rules, and ensures prices meet threshold checks, including highly illiquid securities and those from exotic asset classes, ensuring you always get the most optimal valuation or price. It stores prices, price parameters, curve data, and related market information, helping funds apply valuation policies and consistently deliver prices that executives, investors, and auditors can review with confidence.


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Key Benefits Of Pricing and Valuation Automation Solution

Pricing Automation that Improves Operational Efficiency

Increased Transparency

A built-in pricing audit feature enables independent price verification as well as a time series view that shows all sources for a given price.

Higher Accuracy

Data quality checks can be easily customized for various attributes. Rules-based test configuration includes support for severity-based distinctions.

Enhanced Integration

With the Excel add-in, most user actions can be performed directly from a spreadsheet application without the need to learn a separate interface, making IVP’s pricing and valuation automation solution one of the easiest to implement within the market.

Better Insights

Get in-depth analytics for pricing information with key metrics on quality of quotes, attached market standard models for price computations, calculated ASC 820 levels for securities, and price curve analysis.

Worry Free

Expect white-glove, 24×7, global support provided by a team of subject matter experts and CFAs. IVP’s pricing solution is more than just a product, it’s a promise of ongoing support by an expert team.

What’s Possible with Pricing and Valuation Automation Solution

Security Pricing and Valuation

Comprehensive Pricing Tests

Valuation Committee Packages

Pricing Audit and Analytics

Price Curve Analysis

Challenge and Solicitation of the Prices

Fair Value Determination of Securities

Automation of Daily and Monthly Pricing

Key features of Pricing and valuation solution

Take Complexity Out of Pricing Process

Pricing Automation

Automate pricing and valuation with a robust pricing engine that supports daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly pricing needs. Set up pricing rules with a user-friendly, configurable engine.

Exception Management

Resolve pricing exceptions with automated suggestions to optimize risk management. All exceptions are managed with a built-in workflow that features a complete audit trail and data governance.

Extensive Connectivity

Start with more than 100 built-in adapters to data vendors, brokers, and pricing agents, as well as a long list of front and back office systems, including more than 10 portfolio management and accounting systems.

Flexible Reporting

The pricing and valuation automation solution comes with a long list of standard pricing reports, including a valuation committee package. Teams can also create custom pricing reports for fund-specific needs.

Valuation of Private Deals

This pricing solution automates pricing for mark-to-model securities with support for native valuation models and integration with spreadsheet-based models and pricing agents.

Excel Add-In

A fully integrated Excel add-in allows front-office users to provide desk estimates and pricing notes directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

SEC Rule 2a-5 Compliance

The pricing automation solution helps funds apply fair value determination policies consistently and deliver prices that the valuation designee, the board, and regulators can review with confidence.

Pricing and Valuation Automation Solution

As both a pricing solution and a valuation solution, this platform is connected to all of the leading pricing data vendors and brokers. Built with user friendliness in mind, as all IVP fund management products are, it provides a flexible and configurable pricing engine that caters to the needs of any type of pricing process.

Pricing and Valuation Automation Solution
IVP Explorer

Finding The Right Solutions

IVP’s offering has the breadth found at the largest global, multi-line technology providers combined with the specialized knowledge, innovation, and service found at leading boutiques.

Asset Management
CLO Managers
Credit Managers
Family Offices
Fund of Funds
Infrastructure Funds
Long Biased Funds
Long Short Funds
Private Debt Managers
Private Equity
Real Estate Funds
Special Situations
Customer Use Cases

Security and Positions Data

Connects directly to accounting and
data warehouse

Brokers, Vendors and Specialists

Consumes pricing quotations and revised/challenged marks

Fund Admins and Internal Desk

Delivers internal prices, comparison marks, and  other relevant data

Accounting Engine/PMS

Automated connectivity for posting final prices

Delivering Specialized Solutions Across Industry

Security and Reference Master

A reference data management solution with a highly configurable core and intuitive data modeling that combine to create an accurate reference master more efficiently.

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IVP for Master Data Management

IVP MDM integrates seamlessly, enabling firms to improve data quality and use it easily, efficiently, and economically across the enterprise.

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Data Warehouse

Our cloud data warehouse solution makes it easy to collate, cleanse, enrich, and manage enterprise data from internal systems, fund admins, brokers, and third-party systems for performance reporting, analytics, and more.

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Portfolio Solution

Our next-generation, AWS-hosted portfolio management platform provides a wide array of key modules and helps funds coach investment teams on blind spots with intelligent insights.

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Middle Office Services

Middle Office Services

Outsource trade lifecycle management, OTC confirmation and settlement, corporate actions processing, end-of-day P&L calculation, and asset lifecycle management.


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