PART II - Reference Architecture for Enterprise Data Management and Reporting

Thursday, September 21 2023 | 11:00 AM ET – 12:00 PM ET


Award-winning solution
Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Given the sheer volume of today’s data flows, the world’s most sophisticated hedge funds and private equity firms turn to Indus Valley Partners for an enterprise data manager that works efficiently in increasingly complex environments.

Our Enterprise Data Management solution is an award-winning, best-in-class platform engineered to solve the challenges of modern data management. It’s part of our Master Data Management suite of solutions, which offers a comprehensive framework for managing buy-side data and ensuring high data quality.


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Evolve, Transform and grow with An Enterprise Data Manager

With the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution, clients leverage our unparalleled industry expertise, technology, and services to drive efficiency, improve performance, and fill critical needs.

Eliminate Data Gaps and Inconsistencies

Full transparency with 24/7 “audit
anytime” access.

Enhance Risk Management

A continuous improvement cycle built on our deep industry experience and proven best practices.

Improve Operating Performance

Connect enterprise systems with the capabilities of an ETL tool for easier data flow.

Increase Investment Performance

Get up and running fast with efficient and effective onboarding.

Enhance Reporting

Harness the power of artificial
intelligence and machine learning to
ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Outsource Key Functions

IVP dashboards make oversight and data status monitoring simple.

Customer Use Cases

Hedge Funds

Integrate, process, and govern data across fund admin, portfolio accounting, and risk systems.

Traditional Asset Managers

Automate master data management with an arsenal of finance data governance tools.

Private Equity

Integrate with CRMs and other systems to validate portfolio company data and deal information.

What’s possible with the Enterprise Data Management Solution

Data Integration

Data Lineage Tools

Data Profiling

Data Stewardship

Data Governance

Self-Service Data Preparation

Real-Time Data Analytics

Data Status Monitoring

Data Distribution

Key Features Of

The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Solution

Data Governance

Ensure data quality with comprehensive data governance tools, including finance data governance, exception handling, and workflow control.

Data Catalog And Data Lineage Tools

Create a “single source of truth” with a data catalog that offers complete transparency and a complete set of data lineage tools for high data quality.


Cloud Ready Solution

Cloud-optimized scalable implementation allows firms to execute multiple loads in parallel and to support all major cloud services.


High Volume Efficiency

Execute very large data loads and maximize performance in space-restricted systems by throttling data and using controlled parallelism with an ETL tool.



Allow users to build and manage workflow using data pipelines and out-of-the-box connectors, so they can control and analyze data without intervention from IT.

Data Security

Advanced user roles and privileges combined with SFTP-supported tools ensure complete security.


The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution is part of our Master Data Management suite of solutions, which together provide a comprehensive framework for managing data and ensuring data quality on the buy-side. In addition to the Enterprise Data Management solution, the Master Data Management suite includes Data Warehouse, Security and Reference Master, and Decision Science.

By The Numbers

4.2 $TN+

AUM managed using
IVP technology

1.6 $TN+

AUM reported through Regulatory Reporting Platform


Strategy & Bespoke
projects delivered


Fund managers using
IVP Solutions


Fund managers using IVP “Digital-First” Managed Services


Global Hedge fund AUM running through IVP products

We Partner With The Best

Delivering Specialized Solutions Across Industry

Security and Reference Master

A reference data management solution with a highly configurable core and intuitive data modeling that combine to create an accurate reference master more efficiently.

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Data Warehouse

Our cloud data warehouse solution makes it easy to collate, cleanse, enrich, and manage enterprise data from internal systems, fund admins, brokers, and third-party systems for performance reporting, analytics, and more.

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Decision Science

This portfolio analytics platform delivers impactful visualizations that help generate insights into P&L attribution, investment risk, and performance, creating front-office narratives backed by verifiable detail.

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IVP for Master Data Management

IVP MDM integrates seamlessly, enabling firms to improve data quality and use it easily, efficiently, and economically across the enterprise.

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Data Management as a Service

Data Management as a Service

Data Management as a Service is a streamlined outsourcing engagement. Our cross-functional support teams use digital-first technologies to manage workflows in the cloud to boost efficiency.


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Automate complex Geneva integrations with IVP EDM


Achieve automation for the entire trade life cycle


Robust catalog and lineage for asset managers



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