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Finance Forward with
IVP Managed Services

Fee compression. Regulatory changes. Evolving market conditions. And a global pandemic. For asset managers, these and other challenges are accelerating digital transformation. Outsourcing is a critical part of the process, giving firms much more freedom and flexibility to focus on alpha generation. Talk to us about how IVP Managed Services can reduce cost pressures and build operations that are highly efficient and scalable.

We take a unique “digital-first” approach, leveraging advanced technology to automate and systematize critical middle and back office workflows. This sets us apart from “people-first” providers who tackle every new challenge with larger and larger teams. Our cloud-based managed services are modular and customizable, designed to fit the way you prefer to work. And they can easily accommodate new funds, datasets, and workflows.

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Digital First

Why Digital First is Different

IVP Managed Services takes a “digital first” approach, leveraging advanced technology to automate back and middle office operations. Instead of allocating more and more FTEs to a project, we streamline the process with customizable solutions and manage all operations in the cloud.

Real-Time Interface

Full transparency with 24/7 audit
anytime access

User-Friendly Platform

Get up and running fast with efficient and effective onboarding

Operation Rigor

A continuous improvement cycle built
on deep domain experience and proven best practices

Robust Technology

Harness the power of artificial
intelligence and machine learning to
ensure efficiency and accuracy

Seamless Intergration

Connect enterprise systems for easier data flow

Customized Reporting & KPIS

IVP dashboards make oversight
and monitoring simple

End-to-End Touchpoints

Buy Side

Hedge Fund Operations, Private
Equity Funds, FOF, Traditional Asset
(Pension Funds, Mutual Funds),
Family Office

Sell Side

Prime Brokers, Bank Debt Processing,
Securities Processing,
OTC Counterparties

Service Providers

Fund Administrators, Custodians

Asset Class Coverage





Fixed Income






Key Services

Reconciliation as a Service

Powered by IVP Managed Services, this platform becomes “Reconciliation as a Service.” In this streamlined outsourcing engagement, our cross-functional support teams use digital-first technologies to manage reconciliation workflows in the cloud to boost your efficiency.


Regulatory Reporting as a Service

Regulatory Reporting as a Service is a streamlined outsourcing engagement. Our cross-functional support teams use digital-first technologies to manage your firm’s filings, disclosures, and trade reporting in the cloud.


Middle Office Services

Outsource trade lifecycle management, OTC confirmation and settlement, corporate actions processing, end-of-day P&L calculation, and asset lifecycle management.


Data Management as a Service

IVP Data Management Services leverage our Master Data Management suite, a comprehensive framework for managing data on the buy-side. This suite includes IVP Security and Reference Master for data acquisition, IVP Enterprise Data Management for data workflow, IVP Data Warehouse for operational data storage, and IVP Decision Science for analytics.


Shadow Accounting

Learn how IVP Shadow accounting can help investment funds to verify the results of their outsourced administrator including NAV, fees, P&L and financial calculations.

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Finding The Right Solutions

IVP’s offering has the breadth found at the largest global, multi-line technology providers combined with the specialized knowledge, innovation, and service found at leading boutiques.

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CLO Managers
Credit Managers
Family Offices
Fund of Funds
Infrastructure Funds
Long Biased Funds
Long Short Funds
Private Debt Managers
Private Equity
Real Estate Funds
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Finance Forward with IVP Managed Services

Improve Control And Reduce Cost With A Digital First Approach

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