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Middle Office Services

In today’s competitive landscape, buy-side firms are grappling with increasing stressors in their middle office operations. Asset managers are caught in a balancing act, striving to cut operational costs while simultaneously generating alpha. This is where Indus Valley Partners excels with specialized Middle Office Services. Designed to alleviate these pressures, IVP’s Middle Office Services offer a fully scalable and customizable service that allows asset managers to significantly improve operational efficiency and transparency.
By outsourcing critical middle office processes, firms can focus on their core competencies. Our comprehensive suite of middle office services encompasses everything from trade lifecycle management and corporate actions processing to asset lifecycle management. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we bring a new level of automation and expertise to security data processing, trade management, treasury functions, in addition to regulatory workflows.

IVP’s Middle Office Asset Solutions are engineered to adapt to the evolving needs of asset managers, providing not just operational support but strategic advantages in a highly competitive market. Experience the future of middle office operations with Indus Valley Partners.

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Managed Services

Core Middle Office Services

Indus Valley Partners is revolutionizing the way asset managers approach their middle office functions by integrating advanced automation and transparency into daily workflows. Our services are meticulously designed to produce specific, measurable outcomes that add value to your operations. IVP’s “follow the sun” model allows for resourcing to be done as per the underlying processes.
By leveraging our middle office services, you can achieve unparalleled operational efficiency and transparency, allowing you to focus on what you do best: generating alpha.

Security and Reference Data Management

  • Reference Data
  • Price Master
  • Security Master
  • Fund Structure
  • Terms and Conditions Regulatory
    Reference Data

Trade Management

  • Trade Management
    Trade Capture, Booking, Amend/Correct, Allocation, Settlement
  • FX Hedges and Roll
  • Position Transfers

Asset Life Cycle Management

  • Corporate Actions: Elections and Processing
  • Options: Exercise, Assignments and Expiry
  • Swaps: Resets and Settlement
  • Loans: PIK, Paydown, Bank Notices, Interest, Contract Rolls
What’s Possible with Middle Office Service

Security and Price Master Management

OTC Confirmation and Settlement

Asset Life Cycle Management

Trade Processing

EOD P&L Calculation

FX Hedging

Cash Flow Projection

Credit Facilities


Advantages for Asset Managers

Full Transparency
Full Transparency
Experienced Specialists
Experienced Specialists
Reduced Regulatory Burden
Reduced Regulatory Burden
Timely Monitoring
Timely Monitoring
Front and Back Office Alignment
Front and Back Office Alignment
Faster Trade Matching
Faster Trade Matching
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