Tackling Regulatory Reporting Obligations with a Digital-First Approach

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Regulatory reporting requires buy-side firms to undergo an extensive process of data collection, consolidation and transformation. With the close of books each month or quarter, the race to meet filing deadlines entails collaborative effort from a variety of different teams – once considered a challenge in the traditional office space but is now even more burdensome with the arrival of the pandemic and majority-remote work environment. Read More

Automating challenge in the pricing process

Understanding the “challenge” involved in the pricing process

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During the pricing cycle, asset managers receive prices from multiple vendors and brokers as well as quotes from their internal desk, especially for hard-to-value securities. These quotes are used to price securities based on waterfall hierarchy and also as a reference to compare with other broker-dealer quotes. While quotes are sent by vendors and broker-dealers, the responsibility is on the fund manager to ensure accuracy in the pricing process and to report the valuation of the securities to their valuation committee and investors. Read More

Making switch to Cloud data warehouse

Making the Switch to a Cloud Data Warehouse

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As a critical component of informed decision-making, asset managers have become increasingly reliant on data to help them grow their business, especially in today’s ever-evolving and competitive landscape. With this, firms require a warehouse to help them handle data’s exponential expansion of availability and use cases – leaving many to question whether they should stick with a traditional solution or migrate to the cloud. Read More