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Private markets have very specialized operational challenges. Bespoke deals are difficult to standardize and automate. Daily activities managed across multiple spreadsheets must be synced up manually, increasing the risk of errors. In addition, LPs and managers in private markets demand more transparency to better understand risk exposure, expense allocation, and projected returns.

The Indus Valley Partners platform for private investment funds provides a comprehensive alternative asset investment management software for private investment funds, enabling fund managers to enter data once and track it throughout the trade lifecycle with complete transparency. It supports the management and analysis of actual and projected returns, portfolio monitoring and deal analytics, credit monitoring, investment portfolio management, investment data management, deal flow management, deal KPIs, deal valuations, cash flow management, and portfolio financing.


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What’s Possible with IVP for Private Funds

Deal Lifecycle Management

Portfolio Performance Monitoring

Order Lifecycle Management (Orders & Trades Allocations)

Loan Accounting and Expense Allocation

Customizable Workflows and Checklists

Centralized Data Warehouse

Capital Activity

Expense Tracking

Automated Portfolio Management

Investment Data Management and Reporting

Credit Monitoring

Pre- and Post-Trade Compliance

Integrated Mobile App

Borrower Financials, Covenant Monitoring and KPI Management

CRM and Document Management

Portfolio Reports and Deal Analytics

Operational Benefits

75% less time required to run monthly/quarterly

80% less time devoted to manually
uploading data

90% of IVP for Private Funds
clients confirm more accurate reports

Lower operational risk with automated
workflows replacing spreadsheets

Audit trails and secure approvals
enhance data quality and control

Instant access to calculations
eliminates the risk of manual errors

Dashboards can be customized for PMs, analysts, and other roles

Real-time portfolio reporting automation and analytics enable portfolio managers to improve investment decisions

Single integrated solution with seamless UI for portfolio management, portfolio monitoring, reporting and analytics

Comprehensive deal lifecycle management including a robust deal management process

IVP for Private Funds

IVP for Private Funds
IVP for Private Funds

A Comprehensive Alternative Investment Management Software

Private Debt

Control loan management, compliance, and covenants for multiple asset classes including private debt investments, private credit, and BDC private credit.

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CLO Managers

Automate allocations, rebalancing, and other calculation-intensive processes, and scale up efficiently while complying with indentures and managing all CLO compliance and CLO reporting tasks.

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Opportunistic Credit

Streamline bespoke opportunistic credit deals and focus on identifying and assessing unique situations, including market dislocations, mispriced credit, special situations, and distressed or rescue financing.

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Real Estate

Manage the full range of real estate investment workflows, including projected returns and real estate portfolio management

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IVP Managed Services For Private Funds

For private funds looking to further reduce cost pressures and build operational efficiency and scale, IVP Managed Services offers a unique “digital-first” approach, leveraging advanced technology to automate and systematize critical middle and back office workflows.

IVP Managed Services For Private Funds

Delivering Specialized Solutions Across Industry

Reconciliation Solution

This reconciliation solution uses AI and ML to increase efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. It features “any-to-any” reconciliations, including bank reconciliation, and processes millions of transactions in minutes.

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Regulatory Reporting

Maximize regulatory reporting efficiency with automation. This solution handles regulatory filings, manages threshold breach disclosures, and integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems and fund admins.

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ESG Management

An ESG platform that helps asset managers implement an ESG framework, perform ESG data management, align with global mandates, and streamline disclosures for ESG in private markets.

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Order Management System

This flexible, future-proof order management system (OMS) natively supports any asset class, including alternative assets. Designed for self-service, it features built-in workflows for trade capture and booking.

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