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Finance Forward With
IVP Solutions for Opportunistic Credit

Equipped with a more flexible mandate, asset managers pursuing opportunistic credit strategies capitalize on unique situations across the spectrum of credit and capital structure. These range from credit market dislocations and mispriced credit to special situations and distressed/rescue financing.

Opportunistic credit inherently involves bespoke deals with complex structures and data sets. Managing these deals with conventional manual spreadsheets is increasingly problematic. For this reason, IVP offers solutions specifically designed for this (complex) market space, enabling funds to spend less time on day-to-day management tasks and more time identifying and assessing emergent opportunities.


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How our clients benefit

Our clients are always looking to improve performance and gain a competitive edge

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Features and Benefits for

Opportunistic Credit

Bespoke Deal Management

Configure deal structure for virtually any business type, capital structure, or underlying asset class with custom workflows from sourcing to exit

Custom Risk Assessment

Measure risk on a deal-by-deal basis, complete with unique alert mechanisms for each deal basis to ensure awareness as exposures change


Portfolio Management

Ensure efficient portfolio management of complex credit deals, as well as portfolio monitoring and portfolio data management

Customized Reporting

Generate unique reports at each investment level along with portfolio-based reporting on standardized data sets across asset classes


Credit-Specific Data Sets

Built-in data dictionaries for opportunistic credit help you capture and manage deal-specific data and risk metrics throughout the deal lifecycle

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Finding The Right Solutions

IVP’s offering has the breadth found at the largest global, multi-line technology providers combined with the specialized knowledge, innovation, and service found at leading boutiques.

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Credit Managers
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Infrastructure Funds
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Private Debt Managers
Private Equity
Real Estate Funds
Special Situations
Manage Complex Opportunistic Credit Deals at Scale

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