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ESG Management

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing depends on a complex matrix of industry-specific factors within regulatory and voluntary frameworks. Indus Valley Partners helps asset managers source, manage, and use ESG data more effectively.

IVP offers an ESG Platform that automates and streamlines the acquisition, management, and application of ESG data across five critical use cases. We also offer an ESG Center of Excellence to advise funds on key operational considerations for these use cases and how best to deploy ESG products.


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Manage ESG data effectively, align with global mandates, and streamline disclosures.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce time devoted to ESG data sourcing, cleansing, preparation, and ESG data integration to optimize ESG data management.


Increase Accuracy

Structured templates, pre-populated answers, and rich text editing allow accurate report generation.

Reduce Risks

Streamline specific ESG workflows, including ESG data integration, to reduce operational compliance risks and keep up with ESG reporting standards.

Simplify Workflow

Integrate all ESG reports and disclosures within a single ESG data platform for an easier approach.


Data Sourcing from Structured and NLP Vendors

Data Cleansing, Enrichment, and Validation

Automated Generation of TCFD and SASB Reporting

Overlap with SASB Materiality Framework for Industry Materiality Maps

ESG Data Integration for SFDR and UNPRI Reporting

Rich Text Formatting and Editing

Data Drill-down for Numerical Calculations

Key Features Of

ESG Platform

Powerful Analytics

The core of the ESG Platform is a set of analytics informed by watch lists, company questionnaires, materiality frameworks, market data, ESG data vendor feeds, internal ESG research, and other ESG products.

Application Versatility

Apply ESG data consistently and accurately for performance analytics, regulatory reporting, risk management and compliance, portfolio construction, and asset allocation.

Automatic Cross-Referencing

The ESG Platform helps determine which ESG factors to track for each investment, where to source the data, and how to apply ESG guidelines to complex and changing portfolios.

Guideline Maintenance

The platform maintains guidelines for applying ESG factors, which makes it easy to identify which data sets need to be consumed internally by which teams.

Advisory Services

ESG investing has a number of implications. Our advisory team works directly with asset managers to develop a top-down structural framework for managing ESG mandates and deploying ESG products.


Build a Successful ESG Framework

The ESG Platform helps asset managers plan and implement a complete framework for ESG investing through two phases of engagement.

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A Comprehensive Framework for Managing Data on the Buy-Side.

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