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Regulatory Reporting

An increasingly strict regulatory environment requires asset managers to manage a complex slate of filings, disclosures and trade reports via an effective regulatory reporting solution. Indus Valley Partners helps meet this challenge without the typical isolated processes that result in fragmented filings data and higher operating costs.
The IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution maximizes reporting efficiency by automating regulatory filings worldwide, including Form PF filing as well as Form 13F, AIFMD reporting, UCITS, CPO-PQR, OPERA, and ILPA. As a complete compliance platform, it manages threshold breach disclosures for short selling and transaction reporting, including CAT, daily trade reporting and ESG reporting.
IVP’s regulatory reporting solution is also offered in tandem with Regulatory Reporting as a Service, taking the entire process of regulatory reporting out of your hands and ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every report.


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Key features Of

Regulatory Reporting

Comprehensive Coverage

Seven core data sets drive more than 30 global filings with a single, streamlined workflow for regulatory reporting automation.

Unified Process

Eliminate redundant data validation and review for filings, disclosures, and investor reporting, including Form PF filing and AIFMD reporting.

Simplified Experience

Intuitive visualization and custom dashboards allow users to explore how calculations are made and what data is used for filing or disclosure.


Built-in Efficiency

Scalable processes and streamlined data aggregation enable rapid expansion into multiple reporting categories.

Data Accuracy

The IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution ensures accuracy through data validations, outlier threshold checks, and multi-level reporting, making it the most comprehensive solution in the regulatory reporting solutions market.

Crowdsourced Insights

Leverage regulatory reporting methodologies developed with IVP clients to align with your peers.

Adapt to Brexit

Ease the transition to post-Brexit regulatory reporting with universal datasets that can generate filings across jurisdictions.

What’s Possible with Regulatory Reporting

Automated Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Managed Services

Ingestion of Standard Counterparty Extracts

Data Identification, Sourcing, and Enrichment

Data Integration, Reassignment, and Error Tracking

Periodic Filings (Form PF, AIFMD, CPO PQR, 13F, UCITS, ADV)

Trade Monitoring and Analysis (EMIR, MiFID II, SFTR, CAT)

Disclosures Reporting (TR-1, Takeover, SSR)

Regulatory Reporting Modules

EMIR Reporting

The IVP Regulatory Reporting solution for European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) reporting seamlessly coordinates with the Order Management System, accounting systems, and data warehouses to extract reportable information. It also provides automated updates of acknowledgements (ACK) and negative acknowledgements (NACK) notifications from the trade repositories (TRs), as well as analytical dashboards with jurisdiction-specific positions and trade statuses.

SFTR Reporting

The IVP Regulatory Reporting solution for the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) simplifies and automates SFTR reporting by streamlining data collection and consolidation. It automates manual workflows that require data entry across multiple fields. The regulatory reporting software solution also provides error validation checks that help users submit the filing in compliance with regulator-prescribed guidelines.


For Commodity Pool Operators Pool Quarterly Reports (CPO-PQR), the IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution identifies, captures, and extracts information from any internal or external source and provides a centralized regulatory reporting platform for data analysis. It also provides alerts for mandatory fields that are not updated and fills the form automatically using a well-defined set of rules. This saves a great deal of time and promotes efficiency in operations.

Form 13F

For Form 13F filings, the IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution syncs up with the SEC, auto-populates details, calculates the positions and translates output into a machine-readable format. It also allows users to edit and validate errors through an advanced, user-friendly interface. The report can then be submitted in an XML format to the regulator automatically, making the entire filing process easier and more efficient than other offerings in the regulatory reporting solutions market.

ASIC Trade Reporting

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) trade reporting is a regulatory requirement for OTC derivatives. It aims to improve transparency and reduce systemic risk by ensuring accurate and timely reporting of trades. The IVP Regulatory Reporting solution streamlines the ASIC trade reporting process for asset managers around the world. It automates data collection, validation, and submission, ensuring accuracy and compliance. It also provides real-time monitoring of data quality, outlier threshold checks, and alerts for potential errors or discrepancies.

MAS Trade Reporting

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) trade reporting plays a vital role in enhancing market transparency and mitigating systemic risks by ensuring the accurate and timely reporting of trades. The IVP Regulatory Reporting solution offers an innovative way to streamline MAS trade reporting for asset managers worldwide. With its advanced platform, the solution automates the entire lifecycle of trade reporting, from data collection to validation to submission, ensuring accuracy and full compliance. The solution also incorporates real-time monitoring capabilities, conducting data quality assessments, outlier threshold checks, and issuing alerts for potential errors or discrepancies.

ILPA Reporting

Managing Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) reporting can be complex and time-consuming for private equity firms and investors. With the ILPA setting industry standards for reporting and transparency, it is crucial to have a reliable ILPS reporting solution in place. Streamline ILPA reporting with the IVP Regulatory Reporting solution, which ensures compliance, saves time, and reduces errors. Benefit from seamless data integration, customizable reporting templates, and efficient report generation.

HKMA Trade Reporting

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) trade reporting is a regulatory requirement aimed at increasing transparency in financial markets. It mandates market participants to report trade information to designated repositories. The IVP Regulatory Reporting solution is a comprehensive platform that helps organizations meet HKMA trade reporting obligations efficiently. With its robust features, the IVP solution simplifies the reporting process by automating data collection, validation, and submission to designated trade repositories. It ensures accuracy, consistency, and timely reporting, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

EMIR Trade Reporting

European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) trade reporting is a regulatory requirement for entities trading over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives in the European Union. The regulation mandates the reporting of all derivative trades to a trade repository. To help organizations comply with this regulation, the IVP Regulatory Reporting solution simplifies the process of EMIR trade reporting. It allows organizations to automate the reporting process, ensuring timely and accurate reporting.

Encompassing the Regulatory Ecosystem

The IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution addresses the full range of mandatory regulatory and compliance reporting requirements globally. Choosing to use IVP regulatory reporting tools means that you’ll be compliant in every economy you work within, and may give you the opportunity to work in new markets without the hassle that often comes with market expansion.

Encompassing the Regulatory Ecosystem
By The Numbers

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AUM managed using
IVP technology

1.6 $TN+

AUM reported through Regulatory Reporting Platform


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IVP Solutions


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Regulatory Reporting as a Service

Regulatory Reporting as a Service

Regulatory Reporting as a Service is a streamlined outsourcing engagement. Our cross-functional support teams use digital-first technologies to manage your firm’s filings, disclosures, and trade reporting in the cloud.

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