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Treasury Management

Active treasury management is critical in an era of shrinking prime broker balance sheets, multiple counterparties, and heavier regulation. Indus Valley Partners helps asset managers optimize these workflows to combat the rising complexity of financing, cash, and collateral management.

IVP’s automated treasury management system enables firms to transform the treasury function to better uncover alpha, control workflows, and improve data quality and decision-making while gaining a holistic view of collateral, cash, and margin call management processes.

Unlock financial efficiency with IVP Treasury Management, trusted by firms with over $1 trillion in AUM. Contact us today to elevate your treasury operations.


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Transform Your Treasury Management

Maximize Efficiency With Active Treasury Management Software

Collateral Management

IVP’s automated treasury management software allows you to manage liquidity with margin and collateral monitoring. Perform margin calculations to assess the impact of pipeline trades or estimate T+1 collateral. Use cost indexing and collateral optimization with opportunity analysis to sweep collateral assets between segregated accounts. Leverage the advanced capabilities of our treasury management software to gain a comprehensive view of your collateral positions. The platform’s intuitive interface and real-time analytics enable you to make quick, informed decisions, enhancing liquidity management.

Margin Management

Track AANA, MTM, and margin excess/deficit, including margin reconciliation, for efficient margin reporting with active treasury management. Streamline margin call management workflow, including communications and collateral transfers with full coverage of UMR compliance activities along with margin optimization suggestions across legal agreements. Enhance these capabilities with our state-of-the-art treasury management software, which offers real-time analytics and reporting features. Our software integrates seamlessly with other risk management tools, providing a unified, streamlined solution for all your treasury management needs.

Cash Management

Manage FX payments with wire and settlements manager with scenario analysis and unencumbered cash analytics. Support baked-in pipeline deals and market movements. Perform capital activity projections and treasury cash forecasting. Use suggested cash sweeps to maximize interest accrual. Enhance your cash management strategy with IVP’s cutting-edge treasury management software. With capabilities like automated cash sweeps and advanced forecasting algorithms, you can proactively manage your cash resources, reducing idle balances and maximizing returns.

FX Hedging

Use automation for dynamic hedging of live FX exposures. Trade FX spots and forwards to handle volatility across multiple currencies. Optimize FX rates to reduce hedging costs. Apply analytics for reporting on key metrics. Accommodate hedge ratios across portfolio and share class strategies. With capabilities like dynamic hedging and rate optimization, you can minimize costs while maximizing hedging effectiveness. Our secure, cloud-based software provides detailed reporting tools for tracking key metrics, enabling agile, data-driven decision-making and constant access to critical FX data.

Equity Financing

Reconcile accrual data for various counterparties. Analyze financing information for securities lending to compare financing costs across portfolios and counterparties. Identify opportunities to reduce financing costs by moving positions across counterparties. Take your equity financing operations to the next level with our advanced treasury management software. Compare costs across multiple portfolios and counterparties to identify cost-saving opportunities effectively. Our software’s intuitive interface and real-time reporting capabilities allow for seamless tracking and management of your equity financing activities, ensuring you make data-driven decisions that enhance profitability.

Wallet Share

Track counterparty exposure across modules, allowing parameter-based comparison of counterparties through a broker scorecard. Add or modify rules on the fly. Optimize your counterparty relationships with the help of IVP’s treasury management software. The platform’s dynamic broker scorecard feature enables you to assess and compare counterparty performance based on customizable parameters. This ensures that you’re maximizing wallet share with the most advantageous counterparties. With the flexibility to modify rules in real-time, you can adapt swiftly to market changes, ensuring that your counterparty relationships are always optimized for maximum value.

What’s Possible with IVP Treasury Management Platform

Collateral Management

Cash Management

Margin Call Management

FX Hedging

Wallet Share Analytics

Repo Booking

Borrowing Base Management

Collateral and Positions Optimization

Counterparty Risk Management

Optimize Treasury Workflows

Optimize Treasury Workflows
  • Uncover alpha by using advanced analytics to reduce financing costs and cost of carry
  • Increase control over treasury workflow and improve overall data quality
  • Accelerate decision-making with real-time connectivity and reporting
  • Create forward-looking estimates that drive active liquidity risk management
  • Establish robust validation and monitoring processes
  • Develop a holistic view of current and future-state treasury functions
  • Implement active treasury management on a faster timeline with lower costs
  • Strengthen counterparty relationships by estimating and comparing wallet share and ROA
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Finding The Right Solutions

IVP’s offering has the breadth found at the largest global, multi-line technology providers combined with the specialized knowledge, innovation, and service found at leading boutiques.

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Customer Use Cases

Asset Managers

Integrate with PMS/OMS, accounting, and reference masters

Prime Brokers, OTC, FCM & Repo

Reconcile positions, balances, and trades


Track monthly/daily cash positions and securities balances

Fund Administrators

Reconcile cash balances, MTMs, and collateral posted

By The Numbers

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IVP technology

1.6 $TN+

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Delivering Specialized Solutions Across Industry

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Reconciliation Solution

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Cash Management Solution

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