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ESG Reporting

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting refers to the practice of measuring and disclosing a company’s performance on ESG criteria. It involves reporting on environmental impact, social responsibility, and corporate governance practices. ESG reporting helps investors and stakeholders assess a company’s sustainability and ethical practices.
IVP regulatory reporting solution enables a transformation in ESG reporting, simplifying disclosures, promoting sustainable practices, and ultimately enhancing your ESG objectives

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting is an essential aspect of corporate social responsibility that measures corporate performance in each of these critical areas. ESG reporting is used to track a wide range of sustainability metrics, including greenhouse gas emissions, labor practices, and board diversity. The information gathered through ESG reporting can be used by investors and other stakeholders to make informed decisions about a company’s social and environmental impact.

When to File ESG Reports
ESG reporting requirements vary by jurisdiction. In general, companies are expected to file reports on an annual basis. Some countries have mandatory ESG reporting requirements, while others have voluntary frameworks. Regardless of the jurisdiction, companies that engage in ESG reporting demonstrate an important commitment to sustainability and transparency.

Challenges in ESG Reporting
ESG reporting is complex and requires the collection of a vast amount of data. Companies must consider a wide range of factors, such as climate change, labor practices, supply chain management, and cybersecurity, among many others. Collecting and analyzing this data can be difficult, particularly for smaller companies with limited resources.

Another challenge is the lack of standardization in ESG reporting. Various organizations may use different frameworks and metrics to characterize ESG performance, making it difficult for investors and stakeholders to compare and assess companies’ sustainability efforts in a meaningful way.

How the IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution Can Help

The IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution is a powerful tool that can help companies overcome the challenges associated with ESG reporting. It streamlines data collection and compilation making it easier for companies to report on a range of ESG metrics. The solution can be customized to meet the unique needs of each company, ensuring they can report on the ESG metrics that matter most to their stakeholders.

The IVP Regulatory Reporting solution also provides advanced analytics capabilities, allowing companies to identify trends and patterns in ESG performance over time. This information can be used to improve performance and demonstrate a company’s commitment to sustainability.

Finally, the IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution features a range of reporting and communication tools that make it easier for companies to communicate ESG performance effectively with investors and other stakeholders. With this solution, companies can provide a clear and compelling picture of ESG performance that enhances their reputation and builds trust with key stakeholders.

ESG Reporting Workflow 

Here is an example of ESG Reporting workflow with the IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution, a comprehensive platform for automating ESG and other filings:

  • ESG data from vendors is stored in the security master with securities data
  • Data from portfolio accounting systems, fund admins, and investment managers are stored in a data warehouse
  • IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution extracts data required for ESG reporting via APIs, database-to-database transfer, or manual upload
  • IVP Regulatory Reporting Solution enriches the data, highlights any missing data points, and runs a calculation engine to generate meaningful results
  • Users review blotters with final output or slice-and-dice data in a BI tool
  • Dashboards allow the creation of custom reports to share with stakeholders


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