IVP Raptor


Streamline global filings, disclosures and trade reports and maximize transparency.

IVP Raptor is a one stop compliance solution designed to automate regulatory filings across the globe. Raptor handles periodic filings [PF, ADV, Form 13 F, AIFMD OPERA], Threshold breaches disclosure [Short Selling and Transparency Reporting] and Transaction reporting [MiFID II, EMIR, CAT] across the continents. It enables seamless integration with accounting systems, fund admins, risk system and data warehouse for generation of numbers on one side and PFRD, IARD, and ESMA Systems on the other side. It provides complete workflow management with special focus on data management and exceptions, audit & governance and support for standard as well as customized calculations.

Industry Recognized Best-In-Class

The Industry’s Leading Reporting Tool

SEC Form 13F | OPERA | Solvency II | Short Selling Disclosures Reporting | Form PF | AIFMD

Core Capabilities

Diversified Input

  • Ingestion of all standard counterparty extracts
  • Fully Versatile with Advent Geneva with support from our RegTech Analysts (CFA | FRM Trained)
  • Identifying, sourcing, and enriching data
  • Enhanced Efficiency – Eliminate time & cost associated with compilation across multiple data sources

Agile Response to
Regulatory Reporting

  • Dashboard for easy data-integration, reassignment & error tracking
  • Data Consistency & Accuracy – Single, trusted data store across all reporting
  • Combines workflow, rules & notification engine to ensure timely, and accurate data
  • Full transparency and audit trail

Global Regulatory

  • Periodic Filings – Form PF | AIFMD | CPO PQR | 13F | UCITS | ADV
    • Multiple forms/filing from common extracts
  • Trade Monitoring & Analysis – EMIR | MiFID II | SFTR | CAT
    • Auto data sourcing, submissions, and status updates via API and FIX
  • Disclosures Reporting – Disclosures | TR-1 | Takeover | SSR

Key Benefits

IVP Raptor delivers compliance alpha with automation that helps lower costs, improve data accuracy and reduce filing time.

Streamline Compliance

Scalable processes and streamlined data management that allows for rapid expansion into multiple reporting categories; Flexible Automation for sourcing data, and reporting it electronically to the regulator.

Unified Data Model & Quality Control

Ensure accuracy through data validations, outlier threshold checks, and Multi-level reporting

Flexible Platforms

Instant drill-downs to quickly understand how calculations are made and what data is being used


Leverage reporting methodologies developed in partnership with our clients to ensure alignment with your peers

Raptor encompasses the Entire Regulatory Ecosystem

Addressing the full range of mandatory regulatory and compliance requirements globally

Optimize your operating model with IVP Raptor Managed Services

IVP Raptor offers “Digital First” Managed Services via Regulatory Reporting as a Service which allows maximized efficiencies across all global filings.
With Managed Services, IVP’s Raptor can help reduce end-to-end filing time up to 66%.

White-Glove Support

  • Proven Client Satisfaction with 24/7 Support across the globe
  • Scalable platform to support future growth and changing requirements
  • Best practice team of regulatory attorneys and CFAs underpin the solution
  • Robust Internal Review prior to client distribution

500+ Asset Managers using IVP Raptor Managed Services as a platform

500+ Asset Managers using IVP Raptor Managed Services as a platform

Periodic reporting platform for AIFMD Annex IV, CPO-PQR, Form ADV, Form N-CEN, Form 13F, Form N-PORT, Form PF, Solvency II, TIC Forms, CAT and more

Fully integrated, end-to-end process providing connectivity to client source systems, trade repositories (REGIS-TR & DTCC), ARM and competent authorities.