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Complexities of data management in Private credit ecosystem

Addressing Complexities of Data Management in the Private Credit Ecosystem

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Following the pandemic and market volatility that ensued in its earlier days, private debt assets have hit new highs with total AUM reaching $887 billion as of June 2020 [1]. To address this immense growth, however, deal/fund structures – along with operations and technology – have become far more complex, especially for those creative deals that have been designed to align with higher risk tolerance.

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Bitemporal Point-in-Time Data

Bitemporal: Point-in-Time Data

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In an age where the importance of data needs no emphasis, it is no surprise that asset managers have begun to accelerate their collection of information from multiple sources in varying amounts. These sources can range from a file provided by a broker or fund admin to a market data provider. Although it rarely occurs, there are times when historical data can be incorrectly provided or maintained by the data source. In a unitemporal scenario, a user can rectify the historical record of data for the timeframe in which inaccurate data was provided or maintained. However, in doing so, the user erases the previous record that was once thought of as correct.
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Back to Basics Golden Copy of Data Explained

Back to Basics: Golden Copy of Data Explained

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Data management has become one of the key pillars of a fund in an effort to cope with the rise in amount and volume of unique data sources. While the new world of limitless data opens the door for new opportunities, many firms are deeply concerned about its impact on regulatory and reporting obligations. In order to ensure compliance with regulators, the consistency and accuracy of a fund’s data is paramount. And, while a fund might have implemented a variety of systems over the past few years to increase efficiency and access to reliable information, many managers are realizing that they are facing a whole new set of challenges in the year to come.

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