IVP Price Master is designed to calculate and automate daily and monthly pricing for the entire portfolio of any fund.

$100 bn in AUM is supported on the IVP Price Master platform alongside 75 native Pricing Sources across Pricing Vendors and Brokers.

Pricing Control. Accurate Valuation.

Using IVP Price Master, funds can effectively store prices, price parameters and related market data and efficiently manage the marking process across the complete set of listed and OTC securities.

Using an intuitive landing dashboard, IVP Price Master gives clients a graphical overview of the key analytics related to pricing their portfolios.

Pricing Tests, Pricing Audit & Price Manager

Asset Analysis

Our unique asset analysis feature allows users to drill down into a specific security to perform detailed analysis.

It also provides the ability to analyze the time-series of pricing data held within fund portfolios.

Pricing Automation ,Pricing Software

Automated pricing to support your fund/portfolio valuation policy

Designed to systematically eliminate any guesswork from the pricing process, IVP Price Master helps calculate the best price to each security thus assuring pricing consistency with the valuation policy of the fund.

IVP Price Master supports sophisticated pricing rules and vendor prioritization.

CORE Features

  • Source data from any vendor, broker, internal system or data extract
  • Manual Overrides of the pricing where necessary
  • Review / approve the prices via workflows
  • Supports hierarchical pricing rules

UNIQUE Features

  • Ability to “test” multiple prices for the same security
  • ‘Plug & Play’ Reference Master to store any Pricing Reference Data e.g. ASC 820 (FAS) levels
  • Valuation Model plug-ins for pricing private deals are available