IVP Polaris is a datawarehouse specifically designed for Alternative Asset Managers in multi-Strategy, multi-Counterparty, multi-Asset class environments.

Dashboards of Datawarehouse IVP Polaris used by asset managers

IVP Polaris enables hedge funds to support a host of middle office functions on a single, integrated database platform. IVP Polaris, also comes with a suite of pre-built business applications and reports that can reduce time-to-market and operational risk.

Polaris can also be used as a “Single Window of Truth” by offering a consistent suite of analytical tools and reports encompassing each area of the Middle Office.

Polaris has the ability to monitor and report on cash balances, margin and collateral as well as support risk and performance attribution reporting across any asset class or strategy.

Polaris is pre-integrated with Prime Brokers, Fund Administrators, OMS/ PMS systems, Custodians and OTC counterparties.

A real-time warehousing module offers live ticking Dashboards with P&L Analytics, Performance Calculations and Compliance Alerts.

Enterprise Search

Ask in your own words

With natural language processing Enterprise Search makes it easier than ever to quickly analyze your data and gain key insights. The search engine will also prompt you with intelligent predictive suggestions.

Search Results from more sources

Available across all IVP systems, Enterprise Search can bring you even more useful results. Now users can check on top performing issuers, analyze exposure across sectors, look for securities coming up for expiration/maturity or investigate risk against counterparties stemming from breaks in reconciliation.

Key Modules

Pnl Analytics, Operations, Risk, Perfomance, Illiquid OMS, Search, Compliance, Investor Relations, Fund of Funds

Managed Services

IVP Managed Services available

  • Achieve clean reporting data into your datawarehouse by leveraging our Salt Lake City/India based teams
  • Unique pricing profile that is not FTE based
  • Complete transparency on actions via the licensed platforms and SLAs
  • Achieve the ideal TCO profile


  • .net/C# Microsoft stack
  • AWS hosted or enterprise in-house install
  • APIs available for programmatic interfacing