Enterprise Data Management, Distribution, Monitoring and Control specifically designed for Alternative Asset Managers

Over 600 Pre-Configured Adaptors

  • Over 60+ Brokers / Counterparties | 15+ Fund Administrators
  • Pre-Configured Position / Cash / Trade / Accounting feeds from Geneva / VPM / Fund Administrators
  • Margin / Stock Financing pre-configured into the system

Insightful and User-friendly Monitoring Tools

  • Data flow monitoring dashboards to track alerts
  • Historical summary and statistics
  • Exception checks and alerts all embedded in a single click

Data Distribution AT THE CLICK of a Button

  • Intutive front end to help you build your own data pipes and validators
  • Normalize data distribution for efficiency and scale
  • Easy to Use Interfaces define data consumption patterns
  • Build your own pipes and centralize data across “Fund”

Data Quality & Governance Controls

  • Over 1000+ data quality checks already set-up
  • Infrastructure Indicators to identify file format changes
  • Sophisticated monitoring tools to seamlessly pick any standard deviations from daily loads
  • Subscription and email alerts for monitoring and tracking

Built using a “State-of-the-art” Technology Stack

  • Now configure multi-threaded concurrent processes
  • Auto triggers for managing load-balancing across
  • Distributed computing now at the click of a button
  • Comprehensive support for
    • File Formats – SQL | APIs | EXEs | FTP | CSV
    • Task and Batch Monitoring