IVP Cash Master is a cash management solution specifically designed for today’s multi-counterparty Buy Side institutions.

The web based, centrally administered system enables automation of the entire bank-wire process and maintains an electronic audit trail of all activity by counterparty and accounts; significantly reducing the manual bottlenecks faced by funds in their cash & liquidity management.

Access Control Driven Workflow

  • Comprehensive access control from payment instruction creation to wire generation to external notifications
  • Multiple levels with User Authentication / User Authorization and Approval Workflows
  • Multiple levels of validations across the workflow

Centralized Cash Management

  • All cash movements centralized from one system
  • Central storage & instant retrieval of all documents related to a transaction

Custom Adapters

  • Transaction workflow linked with multiple portfolio management/accounting systems & Fund Admin systems

Fully Automated Wire Generation

  • Ability to bundle multiple payment instructions through a single wire
  • An electronic wire-form replacing the paper equivalent enabling better STP
  • Overdraft validation performed on all Wires to avoid settlement failures
  • Built-in fraud detection mechanism through bar-coding and system timestamps
  • Automatic email notifications/alerts for the users
  • Excel add-in feature to upload and auto-create wire instruction

Extensive Reporting

  • Multi-level drill down reporting options by counterparty
  • Customized Reporting for extensive monitoring and full transparency
  • Detailed Audit Trail with a text search based filter option

Fully Configurable Entity Master

  • Flexibility to add new reference entities
  • Template driven rule set-ups
  • Mapping of counterparties
  • Ability to define custom roles, privileges

Value Propositions

  • Improved Straight-Through-Processing (STP)
  • Reduced cost of transactions with increased productivity
  • Efficient handling of large transaction volume
  • Comprehensive security management

Cash Forecasting Solution

  • Automates cash forecasting for real-time, global visibility of cash
  • Improves cash management and prediction accuracy
  • Empowers you to make informed and accurate decisions

SWIFT Connectivity

  • Automatic generation, confirmation and approval of bank wires via SWIFT
  • Seamless connectivity with SWIFT Global Network for both incoming and outgoing messages