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Expense Allocation Solution

Indus Valley Partners’ Expense Allocation Solution for private equity and hedge funds is an expense allocation software tool that simplifies the allocation of expenses to funds and management companies, eliminates risks and speeds up invoice processing. IVP’s Expense Allocation Solution offers a smart way to streamline fund allocations by improving accuracy and efficiency through automation, reducing the risk of human errors, and ensuring full regulatory compliance. Expense Allocation Solution automates complex and fund-specific allocation rules so that the in-house teams can process most allocations quickly, and can devote more resources to exception handling.

Expense Allocation Solution also helps asset managers and private equity to track functional expense allocations and accounts payable through customizable and powerful reports. Expense Allocation Solution includes easy-to-set-up invoice approvals along with a detailed audit to track the approvals, rejections and changes, eliminating the need for a separate invoice/expense management software.

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Key Benefits

Higher Accuracy

IVP’s expense allocation software provides innovative reports to track vendor payments, fund reimbursements and approvals. Flexibility to add new allocation and reallocation rules. Easy to detect and correct discrepancies.

Better Compliance

Ensure allocations align with fund offering documents, fiduciary duty, and SEC expectations. Detailed, well-defined allocation policy/practices and exceptions reporting combined with a complete audit trail for auditor review.

Robust Reporting

Powerful out-of-the-box reporting along with the ability to add custom reports in all major formats (csv, excel, json). Power BI dashboards that can be customized as per the need. Powerful data grids to customize the viewing experience for each user.

Expense Allocation Automation

Easy to set up allocation rules across funds, deals, business segments etc that can be reused across invoices. Pre-built connectivity with leading T&E and AP systems. Capture data with OCR to eliminate manual invoice coding. Automated alerts and warnings that keep you in the know.

What’s Possible with Expense Allocation Solution

Expense Capture and Tracking

Expense Allocation

Payables Tracking



Vendor Payments

Vendor Management

Contract and Services Management

Integration with GL systems

Key features

Expense Allocation Simplified

Detailed Analytics

Customizable financial and operational dashboards make it easy to track and report value. Review compliance checks, vendor analytics, and expense allocation reviews with visualizations for multi-layered structures, all without leaving the expense allocation software.

Beyond Allocations

Comprehensive support for vendor payments and reimbursement to management companies. Vendor onboarding, vendor contract management and reconciling contracts with invoices.

Solve Complex Allocation Scenarios

Supports complex allocation rules and methods, including those based on AUM, NAV, committed capital, or other metrics, to reduce manual intervention and human error. Also supports allocations to deal/investment ownership structures. Rules are template-based, so they can be set up once and used consistently.

Fully Customizable Workflows

Easy-to-customize workflows to handle the invoice approval process with no limits to the number of approvals per chain. Ability to apply soft and hard checks to facilitate approvals and improve overall efficiency.

Out-of-the-Box Connectivity

In-built support to facilitate integration of expense allocation with Netsuite, Concur, Workday, GP, and other popular platforms. Customized extracts for integration with any in-house applications. Support for both file (excel, csv, json etc) and API based integration.

Four Critical Benefits Of

IVP Expense Allocation Solution

IVP Expense Allocation Solution
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  • Pre-defined adapters capture invoices and T&E
  • Auto-reading/coding of invoices using OCR (optical character reader) helps save time
  • Out-of-the-box APIs integrate with related systems


  • Simple and complex allocation rules codified in reusable templates
  • Deal structure setup and support for pass-through allocations
  • Allocations based on NAV, AUM, or committed capital or any other metric
  • Non conventional allocations such as timesheet hours or employee-based allocations
  • Exception handling


  • Rule-based routing of expenses to approvers
  • Configurable auto-approval rules reduce workload
  • Customizable compliance rules and checks
  • Exception reporting for failed expenses or compliance breaches


  • Automated wires/SWIFT messages for approved invoices to pay Vendors
  • Flexible workflow to either pay Vendors directly from Funds or pay from Management Company
  • Capability to pre-fund Management Company from Funds before paying the Vendors
  • Capability to reimburse Management Company from Funds after paying the vendors

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