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Enhancing the Reconciliation Process with an Efficient Automated Solution

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At first glance, reconciliation is a simple financial close activity where at the end of every financial cycle, the matching of “settled” trade, position and cash transactions takes place – something that asset managers have been doing for decades and has presumably mastered. However, with their continued use of spreadsheets and legacy tools, reconciliation is considered very laborious, risk-laden, and time-consuming, limiting the potential for operational efficiency and increasing the need for an automated solution.

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Automated Reconciliation a competitive advantage

Automated Reconciliation – An operational burden or competitive advantage?

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With the continued acceleration of asset management’s digital transformation, many managers have begun fully automating the routine, resource-intensive operational burden of reconciliation. However, some managers have opted to settle for disparate and semi-automated reconciliation systems, which can increase operational risks and oftentimes opportunity loss due to the unclear picture it presents on resident cash. Read More