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Nav Solution

Asset managers with multiple funds often outsource NAV calculations to fund administrators, but the burden of accuracy rests with the firm. Indus Valley Partners helps fund managers leverage the cost efficiencies of outsourcing while maintaining complete NAV oversight.

IVP’s NAV Solution enables real-time NAV finalization for multiple funds with complete traceability for specific NAV components. It centralizes NAV oversight in one intuitive experience with automated exception identification and trend analysis, so asset managers can quickly and easily remediate NAV anomalies at the key component, share class, and security level.

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Maximize Oversight and Control

IVP’s NAV Solution helps asset managers with multiple funds spanning strategies and geographies improve efficiency and accuracy with fully automated end-to-end NAV oversight.

Gain Agility

With efficient and automated NAV review and root cause analysis

Increase Consistency

By adapting to each fund’s resources, risk tolerances, controls, and NAV calculation frequency

Improve Data Accessibility

By eliminating the need to manually track and recompile NAV data from multiple fund admins

What’s Possible with Nav Solution

Full or Partial Shadow NAV

Complete NAV Anomaly Tracking

Automated Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading

Automated Checks and Validations

Comparison of Calculated NAV and Actual NAV

Reporting and Analytics

Key features

NAV Solution Key Features

Automated Data Management

NAV Solution loads, transforms, and normalizes NAV data from disparate systems and prepares it for comparison, eliminating the need to manage data collection manually.

NAV Oversight and Validation

NAV Solution detects NAV anomalies, provides NAV calculation status, and classifies reconciliation breaks. It also automates required data checks and validations for anomalies and exceptions.

Efficient Process Automation

Process automation accelerates NAV calculations & delivery time, reducing time-consuming manual steps and enabling asset managers to handle extremely high volumes of complex share classes more easily.

Data Governance

NAV Solution offers a robust data management and ETL platform with built-in governance and quality management tools, ensuring data is loaded completely and accurately.


Choosing IVP’s NAV Solution enables a standardized approach that retains the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of each fund. Data is delivered in a uniform manner and in a format that is easily understood in NAV review.

Configurable Setup

The solution includes pre-configured NAV and pricing templates along with validation rule libraries. Plus, it integrates seamlessly
with market data services to deliver security prices, benchmarks, exchange rates, and
corporate actions.

Oversight, Validation, Contingency

NAV Solution brings the power of automation to daily and monthly NAV review, saving time, effort, and cost while improving the accuracy and accessibility of critical data.

Oversight, Validation, Contingency
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Finding The Right Solutions

IVP’s offering has the breadth found at the largest global, multi-line technology providers combined with the specialized knowledge, innovation, and service found at leading boutiques.

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CLO Managers
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Private Debt Managers
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Real Estate Funds
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Customer Use Cases

Fund Accounting

Remediate anomalies and streamline the shadow NAV process

Fund Administrators

Automate data extraction, transformation, and normalization

Delivering Specialized Solutions Across Industry

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Middle Office Services

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