IVP Recon is a “best-in-class” solution designed to address the most demanding and complex reconciliation needs facing Alternative Asset Managers.

IVP Recon supports AUM $159 bn, 300+ Portfolios, 80+ Counterparties.

Our New Machine Learning/Natural Language based Recon Platform

Rapid Reconciliation

Just drop files into the system and mappings are auto-generated. IVP Recon incorporates innovative machine learning technology to give the most accurate mappings possible.

Transforming data is also easier than ever using our natural language based rule editor.

Intuitive Break Resolution

IVP Recon ensures that you have a seamless break resolution experience. Our proprietary recon engine uses machine learning algorithms to separate the “signal from the noise” so that users can focus on genuine breaks.

Broker communication is integrated allowing for break resolution from within the system.