Ensure Reliable Expense Allocation

Reduce risks and improve efficiency with automation and managed services

Tuesday, March 28th 2023
11 AM ET – 12 PM ET

Expense allocation is a serious challenge. Sorting vendor invoices, examining T&E expenses, applying intricate division rules, and handling anomalies are complex, time-consuming tasks. Manual spreadsheets are susceptible to errors, any of which could raise compliance issues.

Learn how to solve all of these challenges with a powerful combination of automation and expert outsourcing in a new webinar from IVP.


  • Explore common challenges in expense allocation
  • See how automation reduces operational risk and improves compliance readiness
  • Discover how to eliminate discretionary process elements with a detailed audit system
  • Watch a demo of the IVP Expense Allocation Solution to understand its full potential
  • Hear how IVP Managed Services helps our clients improve operations and focus on exception management

Host: Ashish Kumar Jain

Director, IVP Expense Allocation Solution at Indus Valley Partners

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