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Regulatory Reporting Recap: AIFMD

After UK’s Withdrawal from the European Union back in 2020, on 5th May 2022, FCA has proposed revision in the AIF001 Manager and AIF002 Fund Transparency reports (1). A new version i.e., version 2 of both the reports has been provided, resulting in a slight change to the RegData user journey.

From the Reporting Period ending 30th June 2022, on selecting AIF001 or AIF002 from the AIFMD menu in RegData, users have to select the version against which the user desires to report data. Although the older version is not dismantled and will continue to be reportable for the filing period ending or prior to 31st March 2022.

What’s new?

The changes include the following

  1. A) Deletions:
  2. Removal of some specified fields
  • If the AIF/ AIFM falls in EEA
  • Old Member State information (Country & National Code), if any
  1. Removal of the following Sovereign Bonds sub-asset class categories:

EU bonds with a 0-1 year term to maturity

EU bonds with a 1+ year term to maturity

  1. B) Addition in sub-asset list of Sovereign Bonds:
  • UK bonds with a 0-1 year term to maturity
  • UK bonds with a 1+ year term to maturity
  • G10 non UK bonds with a 0-1 year term to maturity
  • G10 non UK bonds with a 1+ year term to maturity
  1. C) Updates:
  • Assumption question is expected to display UK box number instead of ESMA
  • Category update to accommodate UK in place of EEA / EU in country and sub-asset class based questions

When are the changes Applicable?

The new version of reports will be used to report for the first time for the Reporting Period ending 30th June 2022 for filing period Q2 2022 (1st April 2022 – 30th June 2022) & H1 2022 (1st January 2022 30th June 2022) which is due for submission by 1st August 2022.

From 16th May 2022 onwards, the users will be able to access the version 2 of AIFMD reporting in the RegData system to familiarize themselves before the filing.

XSDs and sample files

(2) The XML forms AIF001 and AIF002 to align with the latest technical guidance taxonomy version

Below are the latest XML schema and data definition files for reference-

AIF001 Data Definition
AIF002 Data Definition

Regdata Operating Schedule:

Monday to Friday – 7am to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday – 7am to 5pm

IVP’s regulatory reporting solution has incorporated all aforementioned updates at system level itself, ensuring zero hassles to clients. IVP’s regulatory reporting solution is the industry’s leading reporting tool filing on behalf of 50+ AIFM clients globally for over five years for multiple jurisdictions, handling cumbersome filing processes and variances in reporting structure seamlessly and efficiently. IVP Regulatory reporting service automates compliance needs with confidence and ensures a smoother filing experience overall.

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