Reporting is a crucial element of the reconciliation process that, when done effectively, can result in an untapped competitive advantage for firms. However, many firms face challenges that hinder them from reaping the benefits that reporting has to offer – leading them to seek an automated reconciliation solution.

Managers encounter several reporting challenges, from difficulty accessing reports in a timely manner and storing historical information while tracking modifications to complexity in collating and processing different sources. Other challenges include the improper use of staff skills for creating multiple reports, the need to create different reports for different stakeholders and lack of actionable insights provided by snapshot analysis.

With the right reconciliation solution, managers can mitigate these challenges and produce high quality reports that provide them with full visibility into their cash holdings, transactions and trial balances, resulting in effective decision-making across firm-wide functions. Furthermore, an automated reconciliation solution can provide firms with:

  • The ability to generate break reports for regulators and investors
  • Bespoke dashboards and reports
  • Intelligent analytics to monitor the performance of different asset operations
  • Real-time reporting and scenario analysis
  • The ability to create audit packages
  • Summary and detail-level reporting
  • Historical and trend analysis
  • Support for regulatory compliance and treasury functions

Asset managers are under constant pressure to provide on-demand visibility and status tracking on reconciliations to both investors and regulators in the form of consolidated reports. Today’s ever-evolving and fast-paced marketplace has only elevated this pressure with the added expectation to be able to access information on-the-go and in real time, making sophisticated reporting one of the essential pillars of a reconciliation solution and, more broadly, the customer experience across the industry.

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