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Enhancing NAV Oversight and Validation with Automation

Improving NAV oversight and validation should start with an acknowledgment of the prevalent challenges the industry faces, including dependence on manual processes, lack of transparency in NAV calculations, and the risks associated with delays and inaccuracies in NAV publication. Let’s take a closer look at all three.

  1. Manual processes and spreadsheet dependence: Many asset managers rely heavily on manual processes and spreadsheets for NAV oversight and validation, resulting in operational inefficiencies and a heightened risk of errors.
  2. Transparency in NAV calculations: The lack of transparency and control checkpoints in NAV calculation steps has been a longstanding challenge, impacting the accuracy and reliability of the process.
  3. Operational risks and delays: The prevalence of operational risks and delays in NAV publication has proven to be a critical stumbling block, affecting the timely and accurate delivery of NAV information.

Insights from industry peers

In an effort to understand these challenges more deeply, IVP conducted a poll of buy-side professionals. The insights from this poll have provided invaluable perspectives and guided development of the IVP NAV Solution to address these pain points. Key findings include:

  • Shadow accounting practices for NAV oversight: A significant percentage of respondents (38.46%) rely on partial and full shadow accounting practices, highlighting the need for comprehensive oversight and validation tools.
  • Dependence on spreadsheets and manual processes: More than half of respondents (53.85%) disclosed heavy reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes, indicating the necessity for automated and consolidated validation tools.
  • Operational risks and delays in NAV publication: The majority of respondents (69.23%) have experienced delays and inaccuracies in NAV publication, signaling the urgent need for a reliable NAV validation tool to mitigate operational risks effectively.
  • Transparency and control checkpoints in NAV calculation: Nearly half of respondents (46.15%) expressed a desire for more transparency in NAV calculation, emphasizing the need for solutions providing comprehensive insight and control over the entire process.
  • Independent NAV validation and oversight: More than half of respondents (53.85%) strongly supported the idea of an independent NAV validation and oversight tool, showcasing a clear industry preference for a reliable standalone solution.

Transforming NAV oversight and validation with automation

Overall, the findings underscore the need for advanced solutions that use automation to streamline complex processes with greater transparency.

The insights gathered from the poll also illuminate critical needs that the IVP NAV Solution fulfills. With the IVP NAV Solution, asset managers can streamline operations and enhance transparency in NAV processes. It enables real-time NAV finalization for multiple funds with complete traceability for specific NAV components. It also centralizes NAV oversight in one intuitive experience with automated exception identification and trend analysis, so asset managers can quickly and easily remediate NAV anomalies at the key component, share class, and security level.

Learn more about the benefits of the IVP NAV Solution or contact us at to schedule a live or online demo.

NAV Solution

Remediate anomalies and bring efficiency to the shadow NAV process by automating key controls with full traceability to specific NAV components. Our NAV solution automates exception identification and trend analysis, enabling asset managers to swiftly identify and rectify NAV anomalies at various levels, including key components, share classes, and securities.

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