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Efficiency Accelerated: How a $40B Asset Manager Slashed Reconciliation Time by 90%

In asset management, maximizing operational efficiency is essential. Imagine the impact of slashing reconciliation time by more than 90%. That’s the focus of an intriguing case study about a $40 billion CLO manager that accomplished this feat by automating reconciliation with IVP.

Addressing Complex Challenges

The firm in this case was a $40 billion asset manager that faced the daunting task of performing multiple monthly reconciliations between internal systems and trustees. This involved validating compliance tests, positions, and transactions across a diverse CLO portfolio. Unfortunately, the primarily manual reconciliation process was both time-consuming and prone to errors.

Implementing the IVP Reconciliation Solution

To tackle these challenges head-on, the asset manager opted for the IVP Reconciliation Solution. This state-of-the-art solution offers centralized data mapping, compliance issue tagging, data normalization, and real-time report generation capabilities.

The IVP Reconciliation Solution delivered a wide range of important results for the firm:

  • 90% time savings: Completing CLO compliance reconciliations in a fraction of the time significantly boosted operational efficiency.
  • Instant reporting: Generating comprehensive reports on CLO compliance tests with a single click provided immediate insights and accelerated decision-making.
  • Efficient reconciliation: Streamlining the reconciliation of multiple updated trustee deals for the same period enhanced both accuracy and effectiveness.

Embracing Operational Excellence

The firm’s successful implementation of the IVP Reconciliation Solution was a significant advancement in operational efficiency, underscoring the transformative potential of automation to enhance both accuracy and productivity — even for very complex asset management.

In an industry where efficiency is critical, automation will only become more valuable because of its ability to drive operational excellence and help all kinds of funds maintain a competitive edge.

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Reconciliation Solution

This reconciliation solution uses AI and ML to increase efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility., i It features “any-to-any” reconciliations, including bank reconciliation, and processes millions of transactions in minutes, allowing data reconciliation from a fund, fund admin, and counterparty in a single, N-way reconciliation process. Offered in conjunction with reconciliation as a service, the combined power of the solution and service ensure accuracy and efficiency in every report.

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