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Tackling Regulatory Reporting Obligations with a Digital-First Approach

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Regulatory reporting requires buy-side firms to undergo an extensive process of data collection, consolidation and transformation. With the close of books each month or quarter, the race to meet filing deadlines entails collaborative effort from a variety of different teams – once considered a challenge in the traditional office space but is now even more burdensome with the arrival of the pandemic and majority-remote work environment.

The post-pandemic era demands an adaptable solution to help firms make their reporting process, and related data management, a success. The following key features are essential for a regulatory reporting solution in order to provide firms with the tools needed to handle any challenges that may lie ahead:

Data Source Consolidation

Several periodic reports have an overlap with each other in terms of the data that must be reported. Although the final format may differ between regulators, base data for one report can be reutilized across other reports, making universal data sets for information such as positions, transactions, performance, etc., the future for how data is consumed when generating multiple regulatory filings. Not only does this streamline the report generation process, it also significantly reduces the repetitive manual efforts required across filings.

Data Automation

Automation is key to having both a standardized and smooth filing process. With the regulatory environment becoming increasingly complex, manual interventions need to be reduced to the maximum extent and automating data is the first step towards making this possible.

Centralized Reporting System

A one-stop solution that can handle a range of regulatory obligations, from periodic reporting to disclosures, is required to reduce dependency on multiple platforms or sources. Possessing a centralized system makes it easy for compliance teams to keep a tab on the reporting process for obligations across different regulators and jurisdictions.

Consolidated Tracking & Monitoring

A regulatory reporting system is not complete unless it can offer a robust tracking system with alerts to assist compliance teams in keeping up with their obligations. When multiple teams and resources across an organization are contributing to the same report, it becomes even more important to be able to monitor and track progress. A consolidated dashboard that provides a quick snapshot of progress across multiple filings with deadlines and approval percentages is the perfect solution to ease the burden of following up with compliance teams.

Compliance Support

In addition to a software solution, firms need continuous assistance and advice on how to handle regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions as each has its own format, calculation guidelines, assumptions and methodology. Continuous filing support from an experienced team of compliance analysts is needed to help navigate through complications that may arise and, more broadly, keep up with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Fund managers, no matter the size, hold the power to propel themselves forward during uncertain times by accelerating their digital transformation. IVP Raptor helps buy-side managers comply with regulatory mandates in more than 50 jurisdictions by covering periodic filings, threshold disclosures and daily transaction reporting. Covered mandates include Form PF, Annex IV, CPO, OPERA, UCITS, SSR, MiFID, EMIR, SFDR and CAT, among many others.

The IVP Raptor platform can automate up to 85% of periodic filings and virtually 100% of disclosures and transaction reporting. It also features configurable rules that are designed to help managers swiftly incorporate and monitor regulatory changes. When combined with the “white glove” experience of IVP Managed Services, which eliminates the burden of monitoring exceptions, IVP Raptor significantly streamlines filings for transaction-driven mandates and disclosures on both short selling and substantial shareholding.

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