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ESG Investing in Private Markets

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ESG Investing in Private Funds

Experiencing a multi-fold increase in AUM in the last decade, private market institutions have come to realize that their actions no longer solely impact the economy – but society too. This growing influence has pushed many to uncover new ways to deliver long-term value by taking the time to understand and address the broader needs of customers, employees, regulators and other stakeholders – leading to the rise of ESG investing in the space.

With that said, private market institutions have begun integrating ESG considerations to evaluate risk metrics and other thematic issues like climate change and inclusive growth when making key business decisions. For instance, when assessing a deal, institutions are now looking beyond the traditional financial aspect and are placing more of an importance on sustainability. However, there is currently no standardized way to quantify ESG considerations in private markets due to the diverse array of assets that investors have in their portfolios.

Using configurable data management capabilities, IVP for Private Funds is well positioned to tackle this problem by configuring deal-specific ESG metrics across the entire deal lifecycle. Its  customizable deal lifecycle management tool helps users incorporate ESG considerations with ease through its ability to uniquely track every asset class.

Other key features and capabilities include:

  1. Borrower portal to access relevant ESG-related data points directly from the borrower
  2. Out-of-the-box, industry-specific ESG analytical dashboards
  3. Data integration adaptors to various third-party data providers
  4. Deal-specific KPI Tracking & Management tool

To learn more about IVP for Private Funds’ Deal Management modules, visit PRIVATE FUNDS  or contact

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