IVP NAVigate


Remediate NAV anomalies and bring efficiency to the shadow NAV process

IVP NAVigate allows assets managers to automate key controls and provide full traceability to specific NAV components. The workflow-driven NAV determination process with proper tracking and escalation mechanism helps reduce administrative burdens and lower operating costs.

Key Features

With the objective of institutionalizing control and transparency, IVP NAVigate boasts the following key features, associated with the industry’s biggest challenges in NAV generation:

Automated & Independent Oversight

Fully Automated End to End NAV Oversight Process
Mitigate your NAV errors by proactively engaging in independent and reliable cross-checking

Control & Transparency

Designed to detect NAV anomalies, provide NAV calculation status, and classify reconciliation breaks
Traceability & Tracking history to Actual NAV

Managed Services

Managed Service to monitor NAV processing, Rapid Exception Handling & Immediate Actions
Reduced technology and business operational staffing requirements with secured hosted infra

Adaptable & Configurable

Pre-configured NAV and pricing templates and validation rule libraries.
Integrates with market data services to deliver security prices, benchmark, exchange rates and corporate actions.

Fast & Scalable

NAV delivery times quickened by Automated process that eliminates time consuming manual activities
Handle extremely high volumes of complex share classes

What makes us stand out?

  • Robust underlying reconciliation engine
  • AI/ML-powered suggestion engine to clear noise
  • Automate and streamline the entire month-end reconciliation process
  • Integrated workflow management with full audit & access control
  • Out-of-the-box CFO, COO, Ops Manager views and management dashboard