IVP Alt Data Analyzer


IVP has built its own platform to identify, extract, aggregate and analyze alternative data sets from a range of alternative data sources. Properly leveraged, alternative data sets have the scope to generate alpha by predicting future market/sector movements, identifying/exploiting mis-pricing opportunities, and supporting idea generation or research into a specific company or sector.

The IVP platform comprises of three distinct modules and leverages a combination of managed services, machine learning and AI:


Alternative Data Services Team

Alternative data identification and extraction


Decision Science

Alternative data aggregation and analysis


Sentiment Analyzer

Sentiment rating/score

The Alternative Data Master (ADM) Platform can be applied to individual tickers or at a specific GICS-compliant level (sectors/industry groupings) using a historic pricing model to perform impact analysis of prevailing sentiment across social media clickstreams (e.g. Twitter), alternative public company data (e.g. credit scores, payment history) and crowdsourced research (e.g. Estimize). The entire platform is designed to run throughout the trading day to generate trading signals or provide a real-time sentiment score that supports the investment decision-making process.

The platform and modules have been built to provide API-based integration to and from EMS (trading signals), OMS (portfolio analytics), risk management systems (scenario modeling) and third party EDM platforms (data quality).

Alt Data Induction- AI & ML Enabled

Sentiment Derivation

Backtesting & Correlation

Investment Managers can also use the IVP alternative data services team to leverage data sets that are customized for their specific use (e.g. private company data to which they have proprietary access).

Whether you are a quantitative fund looking for cost-effective access to the universe of alternative data sources or an investment manager looking to combine alternative data sets and sentiment analysis into your mainstream investment process, IVP’s Alternative Data Master is leading the way to help clients find investment alpha in alternative data.

Over $1.3tn in AuM for the world’s leading hedge funds, private equity firms and credit managers runs across IVP’s award-winning suite of products and services.