Active treasury management is essential as fund managers navigate an era of shrinking prime broker balance sheets, multiple counterparties, and rising complexities around financing, cash and collateral management. As the current economic environment continues to evolve, the decentralized workforce has placed further strain on many funds’ ability to track, control and manage their treasury data and functions. For success now and in a post-pandemic world, managers have increased their focus on a digital transformation by leveraging digital-first providers to optimize their treasury workflows.

Working with some of the largest hedge funds, IVP has helped managers around the world overcome these complexities and elevate their treasury efficiency through IVP Treasury. Recently awarded “Best Treasury Management Solution” in this year’s HFM US Services Awards, IVP Treasury is a robust and comprehensive platform designed to help asset managers improve transparency and efficiency across treasury and cash management operations. Providing a unique and leading combination of best-in-class analytics, data management and managed services, IVP Treasury empowers both single and multi-strategy hedge funds to track, control and optimize a full suite of treasury functions. Other key functions include:

  • Integrated platform covering collateral and margin management, equity financing, cash management and forecasting, wire management and settlements, counterparty risk management and FX hedging to help funds avoid redundant, fragmented processes.
  • Robust treasury processes driven by rigorous underlying systems for reconciliation, wire management and reference data.
  • Built-in, real-time connectivity between treasury functions and a vast ecosystem of banks and counterparties, ensuring accurate reports and forecasts as well as lower implementation costs.
  • Rule-based workflows that generate opportunities for financing and collateral optimization, while improving treasury decision-making processes.
  • Scalable, modular design that allows funds to address their top priority immediately and expand to other functional areas when the time is right.
  • Flexible reporting and forecasting that can be configured to align with a fund’s specific strategy.

Treasury management will remain a key area of focus for funds as they continue to navigate the current environment and grow in complexity. With IVP Treasury, funds can increase control over their workflow, improve data quality, accelerate decision making with real-time connectivity and reporting, and ultimately uncover treasury alpha through the use of advanced analytics.

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