Robo Recon

Leveraging Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

This Webinar addresses how IVP Recon can help in achieving efficiency and accuracy in the reconciliation process through AL/ML approach. Our team of professionals will walk you through:

  • How to smartly reconcile complex OTC’s that lack standard identifiers using AI/ML-powered fuzzy match algorithms

  • How AI/ML powered reconciliation system is more efficient as compared to traditional reconciliation system

  • How to clear noise from the daily reconciliation process and focus on real breaks

  • How AI/ML enriched features of IVP Recon like Auto Suggest, Customizable dashboards, Security Identifiers, Automated file delivery with delay alerts, etc. can help you in managing daily operations

  • Demo on IVP’s AI/ML powered Suggestion Engine that also suggests user action

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Leveraging Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence