Business Continuity & Operational Success in time of COVID-19

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Cloud Based Reconciliation solution bundled with 24/7 managed services

As the globe has shifted to working remotely in the fight against COVID-19, many funds are beginning to find wrinkles in their business continuity plans.

Implementing a cloud-based reconciliation solution can help you achieve efficiency and smooth operational continuity. Providing secure and protected access to all required data, the cloud-based solution serves as a key center for team collaboration and allows for accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Additional advantages of a cloud-based reconciliation solution include:

  1. Lower Costs
  2. Free Upgrades
  3. Design for Self-Service
  4. Out-of-the-Box Dashboards
  5. Maintenance Free
  6. Dependable Security
  7. Fast Onboarding (live in 1 day)

In transitional times like these, you are not alone. Our highly experienced managed services teams are accessible 24/7 to assist in ensuring smooth business continuity and operational success.

To learn more about cloud-based reconciliation, visit: IVP Recon

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