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Choosing the Right Middle-Office Outsourcing Provider for your Firm

Choosing the Right Middle-Office Outsourcing Provider for Your Firm

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The decentralized, remote environment facing managers during the past six months has showcased the importance of an operating model that harnesses automation and outsourcing. As managers shifted from the triage of remote working challenges to establishing operational continuity, many deployed digital-first managed services for their middle-office needs in order to gain efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce cost. Read More

Asset Management's Digital Transformation Drives Forward

Asset Management’s Digital Transformation Drives Forward

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The asset management industry continues to face intense pressure to quickly adapt and transform due to the unique challenges that are now present across funds’ internal operations as a result of the remote work environment. Due to an inherent lack of operational transparency and control functions, managers have begun to significantly increase their attention on building efficiencies around their core processes by accelerating their digital transformation to achieve long-term success in the new normal. Read More

Driving Efficiency and Value through a Hybrid Operational Model

Driving Efficiency and Value Through a Hybrid Operating Model

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Fund operating models have typically been categorized into two separate formats: fully outsourced or controlled in-house. However, with the advent of digital-first service providers and advancements in automation and technology, managers can now take a blended approach, striking just the right balance between in-house and outsourcing.

Before making a change, the asset manager or operations professional should identify their in-house capabilities and what they can deliver at the current moment. The remaining expertise can be leveraged from an outsourcing partner, making the life of the internal personnel less burdensome.
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Transforming Operations to Support New business during COVID-19

Transforming Operations to Support an Emerging Business Focus During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to reevaluate their business structures through both an internal and external lens in the new all-remote work environment. According to a recent IVP survey of leading alternative funds, 23% of managers claimed that they would be shifting their staff to a permanent work-from-home model in the post-pandemic world. This has not only placed an immense burden on managers but their teams as well, forcing many to make crucial decisions that may have a lasting impact on company culture, hiring processes and operations. In order to continue operating efficiently in the new environment, managers must seek to tackle key issues such as: Read More