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Maximize the Power of Data in your Research Process

Maximize the Power of Data in Your Research Process

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One of the most significant contributions that technology has provided to the investment research process has been making data easily available to everyone. Fundamentally, the data of today is massive in volume and largely different from traditional data sets in its core characteristics. Overtime, the availability and consumption of data has vastly improved from speed of delivery, storage and overall control of data to the ability to build complex and computationally intensive analytics on top of it. However, what has not improved is the number of analysts trying to consume data in order to derive meaningful insights. This contradiction has resulted in a new phenomenon that we like to call “information deluge.”

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How Technology can Transform Research Experience

How technology can transform the research experience

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In the age of fee pressure, investor demand for proof of alpha, and constant comparisons to passive funds, active fund managers are turning to technology for help. One area of focus is the traditional research management system (RMS). For many, it is simply a tool for collaboration
and note-taking. But new advances in technology can transform the RMS into something much more powerful—a solution that can take the research process to new heights.

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