Systematize NAV Closure and Oversight


Nikhil Tyagi



Closing and approving the net asset value (NAV) is one of the most important processes in your firm — and also one of the most frustrating.

From data ingestion to normalization to sanitization to delivery, NAV workflows can be time-consuming and error-prone because they rely on manual spreadsheets and email exchanges. Too often, they cause delays that raise significant financial and reputational risks

In this webinar, Indus Valley Partners’ subject matter experts discuss how new technology systematizes NAV approval and oversight to maximize efficiency and control.

Key Takeaways
  • Implement powerful workflows for efficient NAV approval and oversight.
  • Define inter-task dependencies, priorities, ownership, and escalation rules for a highly efficient process.
  • Track NAV approval status in real-time across funds and frequencies.
  • Remedy NAV anomalies at the component, share class, and security levels with centralized data verification and reconciliations.

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