Part III: Regain Control of Asset Pricing and Valuation


Anuj Gandhi



Accurate, timely data is a critical resource for the buy side. But as data sources and volumes increase, it becomes extremely challenging for funds to meet these goals. In part three, we discuss common pricing challenges and show how asset managers can use new technology to regain control over asset pricing and valuation.

Key Takeaways
  • Improving the accuracy of pricing data and fund valuation
  • Mastering the pricing process for Level 2 and Level 3 assets
  • Best practices and important trends in pricing and valuation
  • Meeting investor, auditor, and regulator demands for transparent pricing

Pricing and Valuation Automation Solution

This solution provides pricing and valuation automation, connecting funds to leading pricing data vendors and brokers. It also provides a flexible, configurable pricing engine that caters to any pricing process. IVP’s solution is designed to automate and streamline the pricing and valuation process, which traditionally involves time-consuming tasks like data collection, rules application, and pricing tests, efficiently retrieving data from vendors and brokers, applying waterfall pricing rules, and ensuring that prices meet threshold checks. This includes handling highly illiquid securities and those from exotic asset classes.

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