Transform Reconciliation Operations through Automation and Digitization


With transaction volumes rising and esoteric instruments becoming more common, manual spreadsheet-driven reconciliation is too slow to be sustainable. Discover how artificial intelligence and machine learning can take your path toward automation and efficiency to the next level.

This Video on Demand Webinar addresses how funds can leverage intelligent automation to smartly solve reconciliation challenges and gain a new level of speed, accuracy and efficiency.


  • Current market dynamics and challenges in reconciliation
  • Why organizations struggle to automate reconciliation
  • Maturity path of reconciliation systems
  • Key differentiators of an ideal reconciliation solution
  • The Reconciliation-as-a-Service model
  • Best practices using case study examples
  • Product demo
Key Takeaways
  • Faster onboarding by configuring reconciliations from scratch within minutes
  • Auto-reconciling complex OTC loans and asset servicing transactions that lack standard identifiers
  • Simplifying break management and the auto-categorization of breaks with historic data analysis
  • Expediting exception management with AI/ML-based intelligent data integration and consolidation
  • Automating and streamlining the entire month-end reconciliation process and workflows
  • The benefits of a real-time reconciliation process
  • How to leverage IVP Reconciliation Managed Services for cost efficiency, operational expertise, full control and transparency

Reconciliation Solution

This reconciliation solution uses AI and ML to increase efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. It features “any-to-any” reconciliations, including bank reconciliation, and processes millions of transactions in minutes.

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