Preparing for T+1: How you need to relook at your operating model


Nikhil Tyagi



With the shift to T+1 settlement in US Markets, operations teams need to quickly reevaluate reconciliation processes while simultaneously transforming the operating model for compliance.

This effort poses significant challenges. T+1 settlement demands will affect virtually all operational processes, with reconciliation the most urgent among many.

In this webinar Indus Valley Partners’ subject matter experts discuss the implications of T+1 settlement reconciliation in depth with a special focus on the technologies and techniques that will help your organization not only embrace the T+1 regime but excel within it.

Key Takeaways
  • Insights on current industry changes for T+1 settlement
  • Strategies to overcome operating model challenges
  • Crucial reconciliations and controls for T+1 readiness
  • Practical advice on how to automate reconciliation and jumpstart your transition

Reconciliation Solution

This reconciliation solution uses AI and ML to increase efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility., i It features “any-to-any” reconciliations, including bank reconciliation, and processes millions of transactions in minutes, allowing data reconciliation from a fund, fund admin, and counterparty in a single, N-way reconciliation process. Offered in conjunction with reconciliation as a service, the combined power of the solution and service ensure accuracy and efficiency in every report.

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