Key platform considerations for launching/scaling your private credit/markets business



Obinna Nwankwo | Managing Director, Wellington Management Company

Piyush Singhi | Managing Director, Credit and Private Funds, Indus Valley Partners

Obinna Nwankwo, Managing Director at Wellington Management Company, joined us for an insightful webinar organized by LPGP Connect. Alongside Piyush Singhi, Managing Director of Credit & Private Funds at IVP, they explored the key platform considerations crucial for launching or scaling private credit business. Additionally, they delved into the building a scalable outsourced model that leverages cutting-edge technology and services.

Key Takeaways
  • Private credit is different and requires more degrees of freedom.
  • Considerations for creating a scalable outsourced model leveraging tech and services to support your business.
  • Key success factors to consider upfront.

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