Ensure Compliance with New SEC Rules for Private Funds


Accurate, transparent expense allocation is crucial for private capital and hedge funds. It builds trust with investors, satisfies regulatory requirements, and ensures efficient cost control. But recent rule changes from the SEC under the Advisers Act of 1940 will significantly affect how private fund advisers manage and allocate expenses.
In this webinar, Indus Valley Partners subject matter expert explains how a powerful combination of automation and expert outsourcing can help private fund advisers comply with new SEC rules while maintaining exceptional operational integrity.

Key Takeaways
  • Navigating regulatory frameworks, mitigating risks, and improving transparency
  • Enhancing compliance readiness and minimizing operational risk through automation
  • Live demo of the IVP Expense Allocation Solution

Expense Allocation Solution

This expense allocation solution helps asset managers improve accuracy and efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, and guarantee compliance. It ensures that in-house teams can process most allocations swiftly, allowing them to focus more on exception handling. Accounts payable and expense allocations are also tracked by the platform through customizable reports. Additionally, it offers easy-to-set-up invoice approvals and maintains a detailed audit trail for approvals, rejections, and changes.

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