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Discover the Power of Shadow Accounting

How it can help you manage complex fund accounting operations

Tuesday, December 12th 2023
10:00 AM ET – 11:00 AM ET

Most asset managers rely on fund administrators to prepare financials, including positions, P&L, and NAV. But these data sets are not available until several days after month-end, which means funds are stuck using obsolete, potentially inaccurate data for intra-month reports.

Maintaining a parallel set of books, also known as shadow accounting, gives asset managers faster and better visibility into daily positions, cash balances, and P&L — all of which significantly improves the transparency and accuracy of reporting.

In this webinar, shadow accounting expert from IVP will show how to use this practice to your advantage with a powerful combination of automation and outsourcing.

Join us to discover:

  • Common challenges funds experience without access to shadow accounting
  • How a cost-effective shadow accounting services improves data accuracy
  • How shadow accounting services from IVP enhance transparency and flexibility
  • How IVP helped a $60B AUM fund improve transparency with shadow accounting
  • Q&A session

Hosted by:

Ashish Kumar Jain
Director, Accounting Services at IVP

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