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With IVP Get More Value For Your Advent Geneva Accounting System

Portfolio accounting is critically important for buy-side operations. Many firms use SS&C’s Advent Geneva, an automated system that helps build an entire accounting book of records (ABOR) from investments, reference data, and transactions. In fact, Advent Geneva is a leading solution for accounting. Nevertheless, firms must make sizable investments in its initial setup and ongoing support. And even with these investments, asset managers may not be getting everything out of the Advent Geneva system that is available.

This is why IVP provides expert consulting services specifically for Advent Geneva, including new implementations and support for existing systems.

IVP Geneva Consulting Services can help you maximize the efficiency of your system and get more value for your considerable investment. If your Advent Geneva accounting system isn’t running as efficiently as it could be, our expert consultants can diagnose the issue and recommend a solution. We offer a variety of services for the Advent Geneva accounting system, including:

  • System analysis and optimization
  • Implementation and upgrade services
  • Customized reports and dashboards (including RSLs)
  • Training and support

Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing system or are considering an upgrade, the IVP Geneva Consulting team can help. Here are five ways we can help you make the most of your Advent Geneva accounting system:

  1. Reporting: The reports available in Advent Geneva are incredibly powerful tools for tracking progress and identifying areas for improvement. Our team can help you customize reports to address your unique needs.
  2. Integration: The Advent Geneva accounting system integrates with upstream and downstream third-party systems. IVP can analyze your setup and identify the best integration points so data stays consistent across platforms.
  3. Tax lots: The Geneva system supports multiple lot closing methods (e.g. LIFO, FIFO, HighCostBook). IVP can help you set up these methods on your portfolio and make sure they are overridden when closing the tax lots.
  4. Custom RSLs: To generate extracts from Geneva, IVP can help you build custom reports (RSLs) for downstream systems, such as a reconciliation platform and a data warehouse.
  5. Internal structure: IVP can make sure your firm’s internal structure is reflected in the strategy view of Advent Geneva so you can query and report on portfolio holdings.

The IVP Geneva Consulting Services team is composed entirely of Geneva subject matter experts, including accountants, operations analysts, business analysts, RSL consultants, and project managers. We offer a full range of services, including Advent Geneva implementations, upgrades, project management, and ongoing support.

Contact us today at to learn more about how IVP can help optimize your Advent Geneva accounting system and significantly improve efficiency.

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