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Wednesday, April 19th 2023 | 11 AM ET

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The Need for a Structured and Efficient Cash Management Solution

Funds that rely on manual spreadsheets and fragmented processes to keep track of their cash are now facing more operational challenges and risks as the number of daily transactions increase.

Often lacking a process for checks and approvals, these funds run the risk of accidently wiring an incorrect – and sometimes irreversible – payment. This not only effects them from a financial standpoint, but it can also be extremely detrimental to their overall reputation and brand.

To make matters worse, daily cash management has dependency across multiple business units and departments. With this, a cash management solution is needed to allow the information flow layer to become more simplistic and optimal for efficient data management.

Furthermore, SWIFT has recently mandated the use of ISO 20022 MX messages, instead of SWIFT MT messages, when wiring payments. These messages entail enriched data that is structured and granular, calling for a more advanced, scalable and efficient cash management solution with the below key features.

  • Automated cash wire generation
  • A centralized, single platform to manage all cash, security and foreign exchange transactions
  • Ability to generate bespoke reports with real-time dashboards for executive review
  • Multiple levels of user authentication for efficient cash management
  • Optimized straight-through processing with ISO 20022 message incorporation capabilities
  • Fully scalable to add new reference entities with counterparty mapping

The IVP Cash Management Solution possesses all the above features and is agile enough to adapt to any changes that arise in the area of cash management. It offers bespoke solutions that help funds manage their cash-related transactions in a centralized platform and analyze audit-ready reports, including payments in-flight.

To learn more about the IVP Cash Management Solution, visit or contact

Cash Management Solution

A customizable cash management solution for processing payments and monitoring balances via STP. This ISO 20022 compliant solution also centralizes balances for unified risk control and regulatory compliance.

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