The way we work has drastically changed in the past year. As weekly in-person meetings became virtual overnight, we’ve had to adapt – and rather quickly – to a whole new way of life. Although it has certainly come with its perks, the remote work environment has also isolated many of us from friends and colleagues, people we were once used to seeing almost every day.

We at Indus Valley Partners believe that this is a time when mental health is a key requirement for every employee and have taken several steps toward ensuring their well-being.

  • We recently rolled out an Employee Assistance Program by teaming up with BetterLYF, an online counselling services platform that employs trained and experienced psychologists, which we’ve found to be a fitting solution to help provide support and guidance for those in need.
  • Keeping in mind the benefits of camaraderie, our HR team has also been hard at work to help employees sustain and establish new connections company-wide by increasing the frequency of engagement and well-being activities with added employee touch points and informal virtual catch-ups between teams.
  • Fundamental support and benefits also come in the form of sponsorship for vaccines, RT-PCR tests and a “doctor on call” facility. We have also added well-being leave to our employees’ PTO days along with a number of emotional well-being webinars as a core part of our overall engagement calendar.

It has been our mission over the course of the past year to ensure that our employees find comfort in knowing they are not alone. With a number of newly instated wellness policies, coupled with continued support and increased communication, we will see through this phase of the recovery together and emerge stronger in a post-pandemic world.