Fund managers, no matter the size, hold the power to propel themselves forward during uncertain times by applying one consistent logic: heighten your outsourcing processes to the right providers

In this new digital reality of both work and life, fund managers are facing a series of unique hurdles across all operating areas such as portfolio reporting, performance/attribution, regulatory reporting, and operational robustness within their middle-office processes. As they accept this new all-remote operating model and its unknown duration, it is imperative that managers start assessing and planning how they will continue to operate in this environment.

We believe digital-first providers like ourselves will be better suited to deal with this environment due to the fact we are operating on the same systems as our client teams, ensuring 100% transparency into every outsourced process. If either party’s workforce is hit negatively, a digital-first operational structure can allow for dynamic load sharing to help mitigate any issues. Being more systematic and not driven by manual spreadsheets also allows digital-first providers to scale their processes to handle higher volumes, new accounts, and new funds much more easily. Not only will this alleviate a number of the operational headaches managers face, but it will also enable a flexible and scalable approach that leads to visible efficiencies.

In this highly volatile environment, it is crucial that managers maintain the ability to dedicate their resources to managing capital, trading, and communicating with end investors. IVP Managed Services takes a digital-first approach by leveraging advanced technology to automate back and middle-office operations.