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Digital Shift for Private Funds: Unlocking Data-Driven Insights

Importance of Data for Private Equity Funds

For businesses and investors alike in the private market, data is a significant asset. By having access to accurate financial data, they can assess the financial health and determine the risk/reward profile of potential investments. This becomes crucial in an industry that is often high-risk and relies on quickly adapting to changing conditions.

Private equity firms often aim to produce long-term, sustainable growth through their investments in portfolio companies. To achieve this objective, private equity firms focus on making informed decisions about whether or not a company should be acquired or divested. This decision often hinges on the quality of the analytical data and the analyst’s capacity to see trends and long-term patterns, as capturing high data volumes through various stages of the deal life cycle becomes a challenge. Thus, solutions that automate portfolio management and monitoring for private markets become necessary.

Moving away from the traditional way of managing operational challenges, private equity firms are now focusing on improving their operations and data handling processes by leveraging advanced technologies and data analytics, using data-driven insights for making better investment decisions, finding deals, and performing more thorough due diligence on their portfolio companies. As a result, private equity firms are uniquely positioned to capitalize on important data and gain competitive advantages. Moreover, the General Partners (GPs) and the portfolio companies both benefit greatly from monitoring, mining, and even productizing that data. In addition, recent developments and new policies have made it more important than ever to monitor non-financial measures such as ESG implementation, cybersecurity standing, and climate risk.

Challenges in Data Management and Driving Insights

The private equity industry faces several key operational challenges that lead to inconsistent and erroneous reporting, such as

  • Bespoke Deals:
    One of the biggest challenges for private equity firms is the need to tailor each deal to fit the specific needs of their clients. This becomes difficult when working with a fragmented pool of investors and limited resources.
  • Fragmented Workflows:
    Because private equity firms typically work with a large number of clients, the workflows tend to be very fragmented and mostly maintained over spreadsheets, which can lead to problems in communication and inefficiencies within the firm.
  • Difficulty of Centralized Reporting:
    With so many different spreadsheets, platforms, and channels getting used for exchanging data, it becomes hard to compile all this information into one cohesive report. This can lead to inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the data, which can ultimately impact decision-making processes.

The process of data capturing i.e. gathering, processing, standardizing, and storing such data takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Moreover, many current systems were not designed with data processing in mind. As a result, these systems are unable to process massive amounts of data quickly and efficiently, which may limit a firm’s ability to make timely portfolio management decisions. So the question becomes how to efficiently capture and process private equity data so that decisions can be made in a timely and error-free manner.

Competition & Value Creation are the Drivers

Private equity has entered a new age when it comes to technology and data analytics. Investors who have traditionally placed human judgment at the core of their investment process are being compelled by the competition for deal flow and the demand for faster time to market to delve deeper into their data to close deals more quickly, value investments more accurately, and maximize returns.

Private equity firms are increasingly turning to end-to-end private markets solutions that offer a complete deal lifecycle from creation to execution to exit. With access to more structured and centralized information, private equity firms can create value for their investors and better assess risk before investing in a company. They seek a robust front-to-back, integrated private funds platform that enables seamless decision-making redefining the entire deal lifecycle process.

How IVP Can Simplify Data Management Process for Private Funds

The IVP for Private Funds platform provides a 360-degree view of the deal lifecycle with complete transparency. It can be used for a wide range of portfolio data management functions, from streamlining the data collection process to providing analytical dashboards and information required for investor reporting.

By standardizing financial data templates and eliminating the need for manual intervention across portfolio companies, generating relevant insights and reporting is made easier. IVP for Private Funds also helps users identify patterns in other business or financial metrics data by analyzing the data across portfolio companies, sectors, and industries.

Additional features of IVP for Private Funds include:

  • Fully customizable to accommodate any unique data point and reporting format
  • Pipeline management tools to streamline the pre-investment workflows
  • Out-of-the-box reporting dashboards that provide a summarized view of all data
  • KPI tracking and management
  • Tracking and management of financials and covenants using inbuilt machine learning algorithms
  • Data adaptors to many third-party data providers/aggregators
  • Portfolio Performance and compliance management
  • Fully customizable closed-deal blotters with data audit capabilities
  • Real-time mobile access to portfolios

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