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Enhance the Power of Geneva® World Investor with IVP Geneva® Consulting

Asset managers that rely on spreadsheets and manual processes to manage investors understand the challenges of tracking allocations across multiple spreadsheets and spending hours on fee calculations. Geneva Investor Management (formerly known as Geneva World Investor) by Advent/SS&C simplifies investor service, offering a single platform that handles accounting, reporting, and investor management for funds worldwide, across all asset classes. It provides an accurate, consolidated view of every investor in real-time, ensuring they receive the best experience. With Geneva World Investor, there is no need to double-check your fund administrator anymore. Instead, funds can focus on keeping investors satisfied.

Of course, many firms already use SS&C’s Advent Geneva system to automatically create the accounting book of records from investments, data, and transactions. But Advent Geneva does not include investor-level details. This is where Geneva Investor Management comes in, providing investor-level allocations for subscriptions, gains, expenses, fee items, distributions, and more. In this way, Geneva Investor Management aims to streamline portfolio accounting for various fund structures, including hedge funds, closed-end funds and SPVs.

 Influence of Geneva Investor Management

Investor management is complex and demands accuracy and efficiency. Geneva Investor Management addresses these challenges, providing investor accounting and servicing across all asset classes and regions. It allows users to calculate management fees, incentive fees, and carried interest with ease. Users can create custom views of data and automate investor reporting, reducing operational overhead and the need to maintain separate systems. Other benefits include:

  • Simplified investor accounting: Geneva Investor Management accounts for complex, multi-tiered fund structures, such as master-feeders, SPVs, alternative investment vehicles (AIVs), blockers, mini-masters, and more. It can track net asset value (NAV) per share and units by investor tranche, as well as perform investor accounting for onshore, offshore, private equity, and hybrid funds.
  • Automated reporting: With Geneva Investor Management, asset managers can automate the creation of trial balances for all legal entities and investors. This ensures transparency with a complete audit trail to track changes in the system. The platform’s on-demand reporting features include economic (book) and tax reporting for every period, allocation history across all periods, investor capital statements, time-weighted return (TWR) and internal rate of return (IRR) performance reporting, and much more.
  • Support for complex structures: Whether you have master-feeders, mini masters, AIVs, SPVs, or other tiered structures, the Geneva Investor Management interactive workflow tool, Fund Designer, allows you to create any type of structure. You can manage complex debt structures, such as private debt or distressed debt in a single solution that combines broad asset class coverage with closed-end fund functionality.
  • Secure, streamlined workflow: Setting up new fund structures is easy with fund templates, and a flexible data import utility eliminates the need to key in fund data from other systems. Geneva Investor Management also provides ironclad user authentication to prevent unauthorized use, offering custom roles for each user with permissions by the fund.
  • Deployment and service options: Depending on your business needs and budget, you can take advantage of Geneva Investor Management’s full functionality as an on-premise software installation in your offices or data centers or through the Advent cloud delivery model. This ensures reliable system monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades, as well as backups and disaster recovery.

IVP Geneva Consulting services help you get even more value from your Geneva Investor Management solution. Our team can work with you to deliver:

  • Customization and system integration: Geneva Investor Management is recognized for its power and adaptability. It can be adjusted to the unique and specific needs of your business. IVP can analyze your setup and identify the best integration points so data stays consistent across platforms as well as integrate the Geneva system with other systems to maintain data consistency and eliminate discrepancies, enhancing data accuracy and reliability.
  • Custom reporting and analytics: IVP boosts the value of Geneva Investor Management by designing custom reports (known as RSLs) to support downstream systems. Custom reports can be instrumental in tracking progress, identifying areas of improvement, and making data-driven decisions. With these tailored reports, you can gain a more in-depth understanding of your financial situation, enabling you to optimize operations and maximize returns.
  • Version upgrades: At times, it becomes imperative to upgrade Geneva Investor Management to access new features and improve performance. IVP provides complete Geneva upgrade services, including project management. These upgrade projects include ensuring data sanity for Geneva Investor Management and integrations with peripheral systems.
  • Optimizing control and transparency: IVP provides a reconciliation solution that helps asset managers achieve financial control and transparency by comparing internal financial records with monthly statements from external sources. This process helps identify any differences between the two sets of records and rectify them, ensuring accuracy and integrity in your financial data.

Overall, while Geneva Investor Management simplifies investor accounting and servicing, expert consulting services from IVP can take your solution to the next level.

The IVP Geneva Consulting Services team is composed entirely of Geneva subject matter experts, including accountants, operations analysts, business analysts, RSL consultants, and project managers. Our full range of services includes Advent Geneva implementations, upgrades, project management, and ongoing support.

Contact us today at to learn more about how we can optimize your Geneva Investor Management solution and significantly improve efficiency.

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